For those of us with multiple headphones, which ones are you listening with now?
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Qobuz > roon > HoloAudio Cyan II > Schiit Vali 3 (Raytheon CK5670) > Sennheiser HD800S


From A Distance (2020) by Swappers Eleven - Tonight's find on roon radio with some prog leaning rock from a band brought together as a result of Marillion's swap the band contest with a lineup featuring seventeen musicians from nine countries. The album is a very good piece of neo-prog with some excellent songs, though it's too soon for me to pick any favourites Spectrum has blown my socks off, terrific song with some great vocals and guitar playing. As it was prog I switched to the HD800S but I'm still having a blast with the cute little Vali 3 which handles the genre very well. :darthsmile:
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Beyerdynamic T1 Gen 2 + Topping A90 Discrete + Denafrips Ares 12th-1

Newest album from Norwegian Aurora, her fifth one. While I enjoy her voice and unique style, I dont always like her whole albums.
Will see where this new one lands, already heard some of the track on the radio :beyersmile:

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Gold Note DS-10 Plus / Gold Note PSU-10 Evo - Focal Clear OG with ZMF perforated suede pads

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Qobuz/WiiM Pro Plus (coaxial) > E70V > A90D > TGXear Tantalus
At this point, i shouldn't any more be somewhat suprised at what these buds can do. They might actually overall be one of the most well rounded options in my collection.
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LOAK2-Ti / DC-Elite / R4

Japanese jazz fusion for the Japanese IEMs, perfect Sunday combo.
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LOAK2-Ti / DC-Elite / R4

Japanese jazz fusion for the Japanese IEMs, perfect Sunday combo.
Will give it a listen with Brooklyn made headphones later today! Thanks for the tip.
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Schiit Modius -> Vali 2+ -> Atrium Open 🤌

Put this album on and try not to turn it up to 11, go on I dare you! 😂 “Hear Me Now” really cooks.
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Bifrost 2/64 > V281 > ZMF Atrium Open

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Focal Utopia
Woo WDS-1 DAC to 1st gen WA6
Had some USB connectivity issues with the WDS-1 that I couldn’t overcome. Supplemented the Woo with other DACs, several times over, building a nice collection of kit to dabble with. My Woo is now over its issues and has returned to flawless performance in every regard. Still being sold in the original spec for some 12(?) years! A testament to Woo Audio design and build.

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