For those of us with multiple headphones, which ones are you listening with now?
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Qobuz > roon > Holo Audio Cyan II > Schiit Vali 3 (Raytheon CK5670) > Sennheiser HD800S :L3000:


Theories of Emptiness (2024) by Evergrey - Release day and this one's a real doozy! On my first play through but it's already sounding something special. I've switched to my HD800S to see how they play with the Vali 3 and the answer is - Amazing! The bass has real slam powered by the cute little Vali 3 and it's even cuter, tiny 5670 tube, this sounds remarkably good and well worth the £165 it cost (inc. VAT). I think I'm declaring my recent equipment binge well and truly over, I'm set with the Cyan II DAC and V222 amp and the Vali 3 adds enough tube goodness to cover that side for me and I can have it all permanently set up. If I was to get an Icon Audio HP8 (sig) then I would have to play musical chairs with the V222 and constantly be moving them around as I simply don't have room on my desk for both - no, this setup has me more than satisfied. :darthsmile:
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HEDDphone One [w/NeoTech UPOCC 4x 22AWG solid core Cu hpc, Oratory 1990 EQ]<--Violectric V222 [w/Synergistic Research MiG (1.0) Isolation Footers @ "Pin-Point" configuration, Pre-Gain=-6dB, Shakti Stone]<--Cardas Clear Light XLR . . . <--S.M.S.L. D400EX [w/Synergistic Research MiG 3.0 Isolation Footers @ "Pin-Point" configuration, Shakti Air Stone, Super Slow, Sound 2] . . . <--Lenovo G50 (LAN)|Apple Music . . . <--Core Power Technologies EQUI=CORE 600 [w/Synergistic Research MiG (1.0) Isolation Footers @ "Pin-Point" configuration]|Furutech Flux-50 NCF|CablePro REVERIE pc:


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LTA Aero-> Ferrum Hypsos Oor-> Abyss Diana TC

Taking a trip somewhere...
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Bluesound Node -> SMSL D400EX -> Woo WA22 -> Hart Modular -> Focal Clear OG
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Qobuz > roon > HoloAudio Cyan II > Schiit Vali 3 (Raytheon CK5670) > Grado RS-1x


Heavy Soul (2024) by Joanne Shaw Taylor - I've been on a big prog kick for the last few days so I thought some blues-rock was in order and Ms. Shaw Taylor was kind enough to release her new album today. She's got a great, smoky voice and plays a mean guitar. Discovered at the age of 16 by Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, her big influences growing up were Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert Collins and Jimi Hendrix - not a bad trio! I decided the RS-1x and Vali 3 were perfect for this music, nice and clean, punchy lows, smooth vocals and crunchy guitar - just what the doctor ordered. :darthsmile:

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