For those of us with multiple headphones, which ones are you listening with now?
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HEDDphone One v.1 [w/NeoTech UPOCC solid core 4x 22AWG Cu hpc, Oratory 1990 EQ]<--Violectric V222 [w/Synergistic Research MiG (1.0) Isolation Footers @ "Pin-Point" configuration, Pre-Gain=+6dB]<--NeoTech NES(Y)-3002 RCA . . . <--Mojo Audio Mystique Gen.1 [w/Synergistic Research MiG 3.0 Isolation Footers @ "Ambient" configuration] . . . <--Lenovo G50 (LAN)|Apple Music . . . <--Core Power Technologies EQUI=CORE 600|Furutech Flux-50 NCF|CablePro REVERIE pc:


[TelDec Classics 1992]

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Just got a new headphone about 10 minutes ago.

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Buddha on a Hill

HiFiMan HE-X4 (bal 2.5mm) <--FiiO M11 Plus ESS/ Local 24/88.2 FLAC via Neutron Player.

5-Star record from production and engineering to writing and singing/playing. I think this is David Crosby's late career masterpiece and maybe the finest sounding digital recording I've ever heard.
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been quite curious about this one as an alt for the Senn 600 series...
I just had 5 minutes with it and we are now washing, clay-barring and waxing my wifes car.
Did mine a few weeks ago.:smile:
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Testing bass and female vocal on the HD800 while also giving them a go on OTL.
Doing good so far, even though it feels a bit like they could use a bit more power/grip on the driver's, than what my Xduoo TA-26 can deliver.

Anyway, this older album is still amazing to me, and both the vocal and melodies are great for relaxing in the listening chair 👌

Plex, Fiio R7, Xduoo TA-26 and Sennheiser HD800.

London Grammar - If You Want
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Tidal > WiiM Pro Plus (Coaxial) > E70V > A90D > FATFreq Scarlet Mini
The most impactful and physically impressive bass i have heard so far on a headphone or IEM and yet the rest of the frequency range isn't completely messed up, quite the feat.

Katy Kirby - Blue Raspberry
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Even when they're not playing music, the unvented, all-BA Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite serve as excellent ear plugs on flights. They also play music well.


Intercepted Message (2023), Osees

This is the twenty-eighth album by John Dwyer in his band's seventh incarnation (since 1997). Keeping up with the subtle name changes to the band is as tough as keeping up with the release schedule. Thankfully, it's always worth the effort. Tough to describe the genre. Maybe "psychedelic garage punk" or "edgy space-music for bad trips" or "skate-kids play early Floyd." Whatever it is, I've been following The Oh Sees (or Osees, or The OCs, or OCS, or whatever) for a while now, and they never fail to surprise and impress me.
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Tried to connect the Moondrop Aria 2 to my Feliks Echo mkII. I was surprised how good they sounded with the Feliks! =)

Enjoying Still Corners - Dream Talk

Qobuz - Gold Note DS-10 Plus - Gold Note PSU-10 Evo - Feliks Echo mkII - Moondrop Aria 2


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