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For the past ~10 years, the cord on my headphones malfunction within 3-12 months of buying them. Is this normal?

  1. headbreak
    I've had good experience with warranty/support channels, so it hasn't cost me much money--just a ton of time and frustration. I currently use Klipsch IMAGE S4 headphones, which I love, but my 3rd pain in the last 2 years just started malfunctioning.
    Typically what happens is: Various frequencies start to cut in and out as I move the cord around near the jack. I don't wrap my headphones around my PMP. They do catch on something from time to time as I am walking around/stand up from my desk, causing them to get yanked out of my ears. But that sounds like something that must happen to anyone.
    Is this just a normal part of being a headphone owner, or can I do something better?
  2. ClieOS Contributor
    The title itself looks rhetorical - but IMO, yes and no. Yes, from my own experience as my headphone generally last quite very long under my very careful use and no, probably not that far from normal since my brother breaks his as fast as any one else. He isn't exactly the careless type either but he isn't as careful about his stuffs as I do.
  3. kmhaynes
    Well it does happen to almost everyone, but if you are wise, it will only happen once (or very rarely).  If I'm going to be moving around the house with my earphones in, I make sure the cable is tucked into a belt loop or something so that it won't get caught on anything.  I also never stuff my earphones in my pocket, or wrap it tightly around my player -- things like that.
    If you are tired of paying $50-60 bucks on the S4, see if any local stores, like CVS pharmacy, carry the Philips SHE3590 -- packaging say "Dynamic Bass".  $15 bucks for a very low profile, full sounding earphone that will shock you at how good it sounds -- clearer than the S4, TBH.
  4. AstroTurf
    I drape the cord around the back of my neck. And stow my player in my breast pocket.

    Keeps the cord out of danger for the most part.

  5. Alex L
    Hi headbreak, 
    The NEW Image S4s have flat cables and improved durability which should counteract some of the experiences you have.

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