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FOR SALE: Various DAPs (Sony NWZX100, FiiO X5iii...)

Trader History (12)
  1. alwass89
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    Best offer:

    I have a few DAPs for sale. All are in excellent condition and will come with the original box and accessories. Pictures available upon request. FOR SALE ONLY, NO TRADES.

    Sony NW-ZX100 - $300 (comes with noise canceling earbuds)
    FiiO X5iii Red - $175
    Onkyo - DP-S1 - $175
    Xduoo X10 - $85
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2019
  2. Mshenay Contributor
    X5iii Pics please?
  3. Pablovila
  4. Pablovila
    Would you consider $ 190 shipped to 19027 for the Fiio X5iii? Thanks.
  5. daywalkerr
    X5iii Pics please?
  6. alwass89
    BUMP added Cayin N5ii for sale. Also added that I'm looking to trade for iBasso DX120.
  7. alwass89
    BUMP. Lowered price of Cayin N5II to $200, and added Onkyo DP-S1 for sale.
  8. ckdv77
    Does Cayin come with original box and any accessories? What sort of condition is it in? Any pics. Cheers and sorry for the twenty questions. :)
  9. alwass89
    Yes, comes with original box, and the accessories that originally came with it, plus a leather case. It's in great condition. I can send pictures later tonight.
  10. ckdv77
    Thanks :). Look forward to the pics.
  11. hajimusan
    Do you consider shipping Cayin N5ii to Malaysia?
  12. Preachy1
    Greetings. Can you tell me which, if any, of your DAPs are still available. I'm interested in the Cayin and maybe also the XDUOO
  13. alwass89

    These DAPs are still available:

    Onkyo - DP-S1 - $200
    Questyle QP1R - $450
    iBasso DX80 - $150
    Xduoo X10 - $85

    Sorry the Cayin sold and I never updated the thread.

  14. Preachy1
    Thanks for the reply!!!
  15. alwass89

    Onkyo - DP-S1 - $200
    Questyle QP1R - $400
    iBasso DX80 - $150
    Xduoo X10 - $85

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