For Sale: Stefan AudioArt Audiophile Headphone Cable
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Feb 1, 2008
From Stefan AudioArt:
"[size=medium]The [/size][size=medium]E-Series[/size][size=x-small] [/size]HD590[size=x-small] [/size][size=small] is an audiophile headphone cable specifically designed for the Sennheiser HD590 headphones. The E-Series headphone cable is designed to balance the HD590 headphones and offer a higher level of performance with increased transparency, extended low frequencies, warmer mid-range and increased soundstage. The handmade E-Series headphone cable aesthetically compliments the Sennheiser headphones and offers superior durability over the stock cable.[/size]
The E-Series cable also performs very well with the following Sennheiser headphones:
                HD575   HD570   HD500   HD490  HD495   
[size=small]EH2200   EH2270[/size]
Construction: 3-conductor quad-braid field geometry cable consisting of ultra high 
purity copper with individual strain isolation enclosed with a Teflon/Oxygen dielectric finished in black Techflex . The cable is terminated with a professional 3.5-mm heavy-duty black handle connector with gold contacts or professional 1/4" termination with silver contacts. 
[size=small] [/size]
The E-Series cable is constructed using an[size=x-small] [/size]ergonomic assembly process and is light 
[size=x-small] [/size]extremely flexible due to variable-lay geometric construction and compressed Techflex covering[size=x-small].[/size]
Current price is $175.00 but I am asking $100.00 plus shipping. Please reply to my email at Thanks for looking and good listening to you. 

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