For Sale: Sony WM1A, Sony Wm1Z, Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'Source Components For Sale / Trade' started by Jalo, Nov 9, 2018.
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  1. Jalo
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    I am the original owner of these items:

    Sony WM1A: Like new. Purchased in USA. Has about 46 minutes. Comes with original boxing. US$750.00.

    Sony WM1Z: Like new. Purchased in USA from the Source. Used 75 hours. Comes with original box. US$$2,200.00

    Hugo (Not Hugo2): Like new with leather case. $850.00

    Ibasso DX100: $90.00

    Pico Slim: New in Box, $250.00, one of the first batch that comes with life time battery replacment
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  2. Jalo
    Price reduce on Hugo to $750.00

    Add new item, Ibasso Dx100
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  3. Jalo
    Pico Slim is added to the list

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