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[For sale] Silver Chord HUGO v2 + all items included

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  1. 00lunar
    For Sale
    For sale goes my HUGO, it has been very rarely used, I'm switching towards home stereo. My HUGO has several minor scratches near USB ports, that aside it's in very good shape. Works like a charm. I believe this is v2; bigger RCA socketry and gold plating on them. WBT plugs and similar fit nicely.
    Package contains original box and all accesories, some of them unopened.
    You pay PayPal fees (if gift route is your choice) and shipping. Registered, tracked airmail or courier of your choice are the options available.
    Pictures show the real deal. Product is located in middle EU.
  2. Law87
    good pricing bump for you.
  3. 00lunar
    And sold. Thank you.
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