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For Sale: Pair Neo-Fone Full Range drivers

  1. dsavitsk
    For sale. 1 pair of DIY HiFi Supply's well regarded Neo-Fone wide range drivers. These are unused other than clip leading them to an amplifier once to be sure they worked. They have been sitting around gathering dust for over a year and I don't think they are going to get used any time soon. One of them (the one on the right in the picture) does not have the original box, so it shows a little bit of dust, but it is new and will be packed well.

    More information at Diy HiFi Supply

    Price is $95 shipped to the US. That includes PayPal fees, which is the preferred method of payment.

  2. Eclecticos
    I am curious as to whether or not those Neofone drivers ever sold? If not, I would like to buy them.



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