For sale or trade: TWO Stax SR-009 + 007t amp

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    Yes, I have not one, but TWO Stax SR-009 headphones... Originally bought to listen to music with my wife, unfortunately it wasn't enough to interest my beloved in hi-end music :wink: So I'm selling, as I'm exploring CIEMs now.

    Condition is used but excellent. One is in the original packaging, the other will be in Focal Utopia box, which fits and protects them perfectly.

    I may sell them together or separately and I also offer 007t amplifier that makes it possible to connect both of them (and it sounds exactly the same regardless if one or two are connected).

    I may also offer XLR interconnects with 20 strands of silver made by Lavricable, as well as XLR to 2,5mm trrs +3,5mm grounding if you have an AK DAP as a source (which works great). Note: they like to have a balanced source.

    Shipping will be on me, as well as paypal fees.

    Price for one 009 is 2690€.
    Price for 007t is 1295€.

    Zdjęcie 07.10.2018, 15 47 31.jpg

    Zdjęcie 07.10.2018, 15 48 20.jpg Zdjęcie 07.10.2018, 15 47 44.jpg
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