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[For sale] Lotoo PAW Gold in like new condition -- World Class Performer -- yes sir!

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  1. 00lunar
    For Sale
    Hi there,
    For sale goes my Lotoo PAW Gold DAP, which was used exactly three days. Before that it was burned in (yet placed on the shelf), so that's additional 70 hours or so. I am first owner, non-smoker if this matters to someone.
    Device is in excellent shape, looks brand new, it's of course in 100% operational. I had a blast with it, yet I'm heavily shifting towards home stereo setup, which cost like crazy so I'm letting go all things unused.
    Package contains original box, charger, USB wire, CD with drivers, velour pouch, booklet and one Goodram SDHC PRO 8GB card. 
    This is an awesome DAP. If my new speakers weren't so expensive, I'd keep this device. For DSD playback it's a beast. I enjoyed it more than AK240. Yet it's time to chase another rabbit. No trades please, I'm after cash only.
    PayPal (if it's not a gift) and shipping cost is on you. Item is located in mid EU.
    Price has been reduced to sell.
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  2. viper2377
    Pm'd you! :)
  3. 00lunar
    Price adjusted a bit.
  4. 00lunar
    Further price adjustment, won't be lower than this. [​IMG]
  5. 00lunar
    And SOLD!
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