[For Sale] LH labs GO V2+ w/ Infinity Firmware
For Sale
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Aug 22, 2014
[For Sale] LH labs Geek Out GO V2+ w/ Infinity Firmware battery-powered DAC/amp
Up for sale is a GO V2+ I received directly from LH labs. It comes with the latest revision case; so no more homemade-looking 3d printed shell.
More importantly, unique to this unit is that it is equipped with the firmware LH Labs reserved for Infinity units. Some speculated that firmware difference explains, at least in part, the performance gap between the regular V2+ and V2+ Infinity. It's not for me to say whether this is indeed the case. All I know is that with the Infinity firmware, I have three gain settings (100mw, 450mw, and 1000mw) instead of two, and also an additional filter choice for streaming purpose.
Three big features:
-- Gain switch: 100mW for sensitive IEM's and 1000mW for large cans. Added a 450mw setting thanks to the Infinity firmware.
-- Filter switch: on-the-fly interpolation filter switch; "TCM" (Time Coherence) minimum phase and "FRM" (Frequency Response) linear phase interpolation. Added an additional DW mode for streaming use.
-- True balanced design, with SE and TRRS headphone outs
And just in case someone is still confused with the different models
-- GO V2: Original Indiegogo version with homemade-looking 3d printed shell
-- GO V2 Infinity: Three gain settings, three interpolation filter modes, -3dB THD+N additional performance boost, and an extra $200
-- GO V2a: New case and improved internals according to Larry
-- GO V2+: Battery-powered version of V2a meaning you can connect it to your smartphone and have high-def music on the go. With the same upgraded internals as V2a
-- GO V2+ with Infinity firmware: Battery-powered also. The one I put up for sale here
Would appreciate if buyer adds shipping and PP fee. I am still a new trader here but have successfully built a good reputation at sites like eBay. You can PM me for reference.
Thanks for your interest!

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