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For Sale: LCD-2 R2, HE-500, HD650, HD598 [Free Shipping / USA Sale Only]

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by m-13, Nov 1, 2012.
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  1. M-13
    For Sale

    Selling all my open backed phones so I can funnel the money into another hobby.

    All the phones are about a year old, purchased from authorized dealers or directly from manufacters. I'm the original owner of all four of these phones and I don't have children or pets, and I don't smoke.


    *U.S.A. Sale Only*


    1. LCD-2 R2 purchased directly from Audez'e at the end of October last year (after the LCD-3 was announced). I sent them in for a sound check in July 2012 and they got the wooden rings replaced with brand new beautiful rings + plus they came back sounding better than ever. In flawless condition other than some wear and tear on the underside of the headband. Audez'e says this is normal for an LCD-2 that is more than six months old. Ships with original box and everything that came with it brand new.


    Price: $700


    2. HE-500 purchased from HeadRoom last August, was sent back because of a defect and they sent back brand new HE-500s this July. So these are technically only three months old, with the latest cables and travel case. Comes with two velour ear pads (I ended up with a spare). In like new condition, can't find any flaws. They sounded perfect from day one. Ships with original box and everything that came with it brand new.


    Price: $500


    3. Sennheiser HD650. These were purchased from J&R last summer. In like new condition. Haven't really been getting much head time since the HE-500 and LCD-2 came home. Flawless and sounding perfect from day one. Ships with original box and everything that came with it brand new.


    Price: $300


    4. Sennheiser HD598. These purchased last winter from Amazon.com. Directly from Amazon and not a market place seller. They're in like new condition and have sounded flawless from day one. Ships with original box and everything that came with it brand new.


    Price: $150


    Everything will ship USPS Priority with tracking + insurance when applicable. Free Shipping in the U.S.A.

    U.S.A. sale only. I don't want to explore international yet


    PayPal or Face to Face in the Seattle WA area. Prices mentioned below are what I want net to me. So please pay the PayPal fee. I recommend against gifting me since this is now considered very risky behavior, but if you trust me and want to gift this is also fine.


    Prices are firm. Please don't low ball these already low prices. First person to pay will get it. I reserve the right to refuse sale to members with very little to no activity on Head-Fi and zero history/feedback.
  2. wolfetan44
    Could you hold the HE-500's till tomorrow? Thing is, I'm not sure I will buy them. I will pay $525 if you do hold them. But there is no guarantee that I will buy them.
  3. kxanthop
    Interested in HE500s or LCD2s. PM sent.
  4. DJLEC
    Sent PM for the LCD-2 R2.
  5. M-13
    Hello Head-Fiers,
    So I woke up this morning and found my inbox with 100+ messages. [​IMG]
    It will take me some time to go through them and I might not be able to reply to everyone individually.
    Safe to say these phones are all sold. Several times over. I will go through the messages and find the most compelling buyers.
    If you offered me a trade you probably won't hear back from me
    If you asked me to wait for your next pay day you won't hear back from me, etc, etc.
    Those who are willing to pay immediately and have some history on Head-Fi MIGHT hear back from me.
    Thanks guys. And uhh... sorry about setting the prices so low. I'm kinda regretting it now... [​IMG]
  6. M-13
    Okay so the LCD-2 is Sold to Mr. Sneis.
    Sale on the HE-500, HD650 are also pending. I still have to hear back from my buyers.
    Still taking offers on HD598.
    Thanks everyone.
    Sorry about not replying personally back to everyone. It was a big headache trying to go through all the messages and figure out the best person to sell to. A lot of good Head-Fiers with solid track records I could not reply to. I'm sorry about this. [​IMG]
  7. M-13
    Okay so HD598 is sold now. Still waiting to hear back from buyers for HE-500/HD650.
    If you've PM'ed me already, I will let you know if the HE-500/HD650 deal doesn't work out, so please be patient.
  8. M-13
    Okay All 4 Sold and Paid for Now.
    Thanks Everyone!
    And sorry about not replying back to so many of you. No offense meant. [​IMG]
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