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For Sale- Koss Pro4s Closed Back Headphone

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  1. Asahi Templar
    For Sale
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    • Anywhere
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    Up for your consideration is a Koss Pro 4s studio closed back headphone. This is one of Koss highest end headphones and was designed for studio usage. It sells new for 139.99. It includes a great lifetime warranty and is easily the best built modern Koss headphone.

    It is quite nice sounding for a closed back and offers a good amount of detail for its price point.

    I am selling it as I dont actually need a closed back headphone at the moment. I intended to use this as a night time headphone to not bother my sleeping family but I have found my Koss KPH30 works just fine in that role.

    I am the first owner and have only had it for a little over a month, most of the time it has sat in its case. I think I have only put around 25 hours on it or so.

    The box, carrying case and 6.3mm adapter are all included!

    This will be shipped from Japan using Japan Post E Packet service. This is a type of airmail that takes 5-7 business days to arrive to most of the world.
  2. Asahi Templar
    koss case.jpg koss1.jpg koss2.jpg koss3.jpg
  3. jriano
    The price includes paypal and shipping? If not, how much is shipping to Florida (US)?
  4. Asahi Templar

    Hi, shipping and paypal are included!

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