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For Sale: JH Audio Roxanne Performance Series Universal IEMs Quick Sale

Trader History (72)
  1. bb rodriquez
    For Sale or Trade
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    •   United States
    Best offer:
    Looking to sell or trade my JH Audio Roxanne iem. These just got back from JH Audio for cleaning and repair a few weeks ago. They have a clean bill of health and are working great. I can provide documentation upon request to show what the bill was and that it was paid. They will come all the original packaging/accessories.

    *Extra cable is sold, price lowered*

    Some people have noticed a previous post for these iems that is marked as traded. Well these were traded, but the trader and I both realized that there was a channel imbalance. That is what led to them being shipped to JH Audio for a diagnostic, which revealed the non working drivers. Since the repair cost was fairly expensive, the original trader didn't want to cover it so we traded our iems back. Hopefully that helps explain the circumstances. Along with fixing the drivers, they also fixed a chip that was on the shell.

    For trades I’m looking for another totl iem, for a headphone of equivalent price, or a headphone/iem plus cash. Heck I would even take a trade on a high end iem cable. Let me know what you got and we can work something out.

    Looking to get $825 shipped for the whole package.

    FC61BD45-929C-47FD-B1C9-72C38EF869EE.jpeg FCC9C377-4ED6-49E2-80D1-1EA0566F2052.jpeg DEB49867-B0CC-42BF-BD1E-FFBCDA63437B.jpeg E4381895-E1CD-4052-B03F-3ADD4D29479B.jpeg C5BC56AB-C944-404A-AAEC-3B3A2FDFE9A9.jpeg
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018
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  2. bb rodriquez
  3. bb rodriquez
  4. bb rodriquez
    Bump and price drop
  5. bb rodriquez
  6. bb rodriquez
  7. bb rodriquez
  8. bb rodriquez
    Extra cable sold.
  9. bb rodriquez
    Updated and last price drop.
  10. bb rodriquez
  11. bb rodriquez
    Bump, I’d like to get these sold ASAP.
  12. bb rodriquez
  13. bb rodriquez
  14. bb rodriquez

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