For Sale: iPod accessories. UK based.
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Dec 7, 2004
First the good news:

Following a iPod/car incident (in which the car came of best) my insurance company is sending me a brand new 60GB Video iPod

The bad news:

None of the accessories for my 60GB photo iPod fit

So the following are available. Prices inc postage within the UK and I accept payment by BT, cheque or PayPal (if you pay their fees)

The following are all genuine Apple products.

1x Apple AV cable.

Connect iPod to your television set with the iPod AV Cable and watch videos and slideshows on the big screen. You can also hook the AV Cable to your stereo or powered speakers for a room-filling audio...

£25 on the Apple web site £12 inc

1x Apple docking station.

The iPod with color display Dock makes charging, syncing, and watching photo slideshows on your TV easier than ever. A convenient and elegant home base for iPod, the dock provides charging and syncing via FireWire or USB 2.0*. This Dock also includes an optional S-video connector for enhanced clarity when viewing photo slideshows on a TV that is S-video equipped.

£25 on the Apple website £12 inc

1x Apple docking station.

As above without the S-Vidoe capability.

£25 on the Apple website £10 inc

1x Apple firewire cable.

The iPod Dock Connector to FireWire Cable offers 400Mbs throughtput for quick transfer of your music and data to iPod.

£15 on the Apple website £8 inc

Tho following non Apple items are also available.

1x iSkin Evo2 in Ghost (clear) incs belt clip and screen protector. (slight mark on screen protectot but does not impede view of display) Will fit 4G 60GB Photo.

£8 inc

1x Belkin Sports leather case for 4G iPods. Incs armband but no belt clip supplied. 02863&pcount=&Product_Id=202597&Section.Section_Pa th=%2F%2FRoot%2FMP3Accessories%2FAppleiPo%2E%2E%2E essories%2Fct_Id>

£15 inc

If you require pics please PM with your e-mail address.


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