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    These have been sold locally. Thanks All for considering my headphones.I have for sale my lightly used, immaculate HE1000 V2's. These came directly from Hifiman as a replacement for my HE1000 V1's. They come with everything that came from Hifiman. Inner box (still has protective sticker), outer box, Headphones, multiple cables including XLR, 1/4", and a short cable, an adapter, proof authenticity card and all packaging. I take excellent care of my audio gear and these reflect it. Smoke free, child free home. Always driven at reasonable levels through the finest amplification. I'll include PayPal but shipping will be additional. IMG_1607.JPG IMG_1599.JPG IMG_1600.JPG IMG_1602.JPG IMG_1603.JPG IMG_1604.JPG IMG_1605.JPG
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  2. watchdog507
  3. watchdog507
    New Price $1800 US PayPal Inc Shipping On Buyer
  4. watchdog507
    Sold Locally Thanks All

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