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For Sale: HiFiMan HE-500 [Worldwide Shipping]

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by ulogin, Aug 19, 2012.
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  1. ulogin
    For Sale
    I appreciate varieties and different sound signatures, but that's after I joined this community (thanks Head-fi!). How so? I'd read somebody saying "forward mids" and I'd buy a Grado to understand what forward and mids are. I’d read somebody saying that "D7000 does bass well" and within weeks, I was listening to it understanding what was mid-bass and sub-bass. It’s been great fun. But since I should move on to do more auditioning for my amps, up for sale are these TOTL open-back phones.
    1. SOLD  HiFiMan HE-500 (Feb 2012): $OLD. Bought this from HiFiMan directly. Comes with HiFiMan’s generous 3-year warranty. Comes with a suede pouch and two sets of earpads (leather and velour). Not the hand-carrying case, though. Condition: Used - Very Good on Amazon condition scale.
    2. SOLD  Audeze LCD-3 (Nov 2011): $OLD. Originally purchased in November, and these are not RMA'ed. Rare, isn't it? Actually, not only are these not RMA'ed, these are, I believe, from the very first batch of LCD-3 commercial production. True, many people say that they absolutely hear an across-the-board improvement with RMA (but see below for an alternative view). But, when you pay this much for a pair of world-class cans, you might actually want to hear the difference at first hand yourself. Comes with travel case, wood care kit, FR chart, all paperworks, and stock cable x 2 (balanced + single-end). Condition: Used - Very Good on Amazon condition scale. INTERNATIONAL BUYER: If you want me to get these RMA'ed before shipping, PM me to discuss (but again, these are probably the last pair of pre-RMA LCD-3 you could find).
    3. SOLD  Beyerdynamic T1 (Aug 2012): $OLD. Bought this brand new 10 days ago (Serial number: 77xx). According to reports, Beyer did some mid-product cycle tweaking, which improved the headband and tonal balance, among other things. Still decide to put this up for sale, because it is just too similar to HD-800 tone-wise. Comes with all packaging and the luxurious metal case. Condition: Used – Like New on Amazon condition scale.
    4. SOLD  Grado HF-2 (unopened): $OLD. A head-fier who owed 3 sets sold his unopened one to me. Can’t decide if I should open the box! A-stock. Rare and collectible. Condition: unopened, unused, brand new in box (on which you can see the serial number #269 and Mr. John Grado’s signature).
        Note: Date of purchase in parentheses.
    Note that I am the type of person who babies 'phones (ivanrocks321 can testify : ). All my phones are stored in temperature and humidity control environment, and used and tested in my private office (so no smoke, no pet, no kid).
    Prices include CONUS shipping. International buyers please check with me for additional shipping fee. Accepts PayPal personal or buyer adds 4% (Amazon payment is free BTW).
    Thanks for looking!
    "Fine print"
    -  I can declare a lower value for custom declaration purpose, but only if the buyer bears the risk of insurance covering only the declared value.
    -  I bear the risk of having my gear damaged when it is being inspected at the buyer's country customs. Because of this, I demand international buyers to send payment using PayPal Gift.
    -  All products are tested before shipping. But if the buyer finds a problem and reports to me within seven days of receipt, I will issue a refund upon a third-party inspection. The third party will be any Headphoneus Supremus of the buyer's choice (has to be CONUS based). The Headphoneus Supremus will get the product from buyer, and tests to see if there is any malfunctioning. If there is, the product will be shipped back to me, and I will issue a full refund and reimburse shipping. But if the Headphoneus Supremus determines that there is no problem, the product will be shipped back to the buyer, who will bear all the shipping charges, and will not receive any refund. Because the Headphoneus Supremus is chosen and contacted by the buyer, I will not be responsible if the product gets stolen, lost, or damaged in the process.
    First batch vs. RMA'ed LCD-3
    1. [​IMG]
    1. googleli
    2. [​IMG]
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    Let's talk about bass in some high end headphones, including the LCD3's. In my experience, the LCD2 Rev 1's bass is fatty when compared with the LCD3 or the SR009. The weight is there but it lacks depth despite what the graph suggested. Pre RMA LCD3 driven from the LF had the best bass I have heard from full size headphones, and has the best balance between weight and depth. But SR009 still has the deepest bass. Post RMA LCD3's bass is still satisfying but is a bit of a disappointment when compared with my first one, which was in the very first batch of LCD3 commercial production.

  2. ulogin
    T1 - Pending Payment
    HF2 - Sold
  3. ulogin
    HE500 - Sold.
  4. ulogin
    T1 relisted, because I can't wait longer than 12 hours for payment to be cleared. 
  5. ulogin
  6. ulogin
    Still available are these world class LCD-3 (probably the last pair of pre-RMA'ed LCD-3 you could ever find). 
  7. ulogin
    LCD-3 - SOLD.
    Thank you!
  8. ulogin
    HE-500: Re-listed upon further testing.
  9. ulogin
    HE500 - Sold.
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