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For Sale: Focal Utopia [EU] *SOLD*

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by PlussRep, May 10, 2019.
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  1. PlussRep
    For Sale
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    Hei There!
    Selling a pair of Utopia's with all the accessories and the box, can include the original shipping box that housed the Focal Box!
    See the photos and judge for yourself. Looks amazing on photos, even better when between your fingers.
    Sound? I don't know i faint every time from all the detail and pure bliss.
    Looking for someone within the EU, preferably :)
    PM me if you are interested! And i'm sure we can come to an agreement. The headphones will be sendt from Finland

    59652038_324867471509242_2497774596476895232_n.jpg 59667697_421918598621641_940370840212471808_n.jpg 59701648_2153300428110693_8705943239212924928_n.jpg 59948668_1256473124525875_868643782562676736_n.jpg
  2. PlussRep
    received_2256817764535069.jpeg received_422368494980008.jpeg received_386626211942354.jpeg
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