For Sale: Dialouge II DAC
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sacd lover

Headphoneus Supremus
Aug 31, 2002

I just purchased this dac on Saturday ... and it arrived today.

In the meanwhile I came upon a great deal on a sacdmods 9100es and bought the 9100es ....

I wont be needing the Dialouge II .... so I am putting it back up for sale. I couldnt resist and opened the package and listened to the II. The dac is very good for the price. I was surprised that this unit seems to have more treble extension compared to the other nos dac's I have tried; which is usually the nos type dac's main compromise. Furthermore, the unit worked flawlessly in my short audition.

I am asking $175 shipped (another $20 less than I paid) in the CONUS only. I prefer paypal but I will accept a USPS postal money order and ship once the money order is received. You can contact me here at head-fi by PM.

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