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For Sale Brand New Monster Turbine Pro Gold Edition!

  1. naddy
    Hi all,

    I just received my Monster Turbine Pros from authorized dealer earphonesolutions.com and unfortunately they do not accept returns on Monster products. The problem is that I just can't get these to fit my ears properly otherwise I love the sound of them. Anyways, like I said, they are brand new and all packaging is included. Thanks for looking!
  2. UniversalRemonster
    How are they brand new if you've opened them up and used them? I'm confused. If they're used, can you do $175 shipped?
  3. epithetless
    Any chance you'd be willing to trade them for a set of pristine Westone 3s?
  4. knubbe
    If he doesn't want the 3's I might be interested in serving as the middle man. I'd buy the Turbines and send them for the 3's

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