For iPhone users: How do you like it (so far)?
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Jan 23, 2004
As the title suggests, are you happy with your iPhone?

If you also use a Mac, how smooth is the whole syncing thing?

Recommended purchase?

I'm thinking of picking one up myself but would like to hear some opinions from those who own or have owned one.
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I love mine. I bought it just to have the Internet with me everywhere. It turned out to be cheaper per month than having anything else so it beat out a UMPC I was considering.
The screen turned out to be just as awesome as I had hoped. As Al4x mentioned, the sound quality could be better. The stupid sunken headphone jack was irritating at first, but Shure makes an adapter with a mic so you can use any phones with it for music listening and making calls.
My music collection is on my Mac so I sync my iPhone with it. I find it almost too easy. You plug the phone in, it syncs your music, movies, pictures, contacts, and bookmarks in minutes, and you go.
If you can deal with the two year contract with A.T.&T., then get it. I was leary about that in case I needed to get a UMPC later. If the iPhone had copy/paste it would be perfect.
I did just order the Sony UMPC since I did need a Windows PC with me and I found out that I can use it with the iPhone's SIM card and get 3G speeds on the Internet. Don't let everyone complaining about the speed of the EDGE network stop you either. With a good connection you get usable speeds. I think most of the complainers have just been spoiled by broadband.
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I agree with most everything stated here, the SQ suffers from the noisy GSM radio. That can be remedied by placing the phone in airplane mode but then - not much of a phone huh? Oh well, the copy paste thing is annoying and no actual GPS or expansion for a data card slays me too.

But on the plus side, I am not carrying several devices like I used to and the phone has a ton of useful features like the google maps, safari browser and weather which I use all the time. I pop all of my mail to the phone, use iDrive for files and unlike my other devices, the interaction with my mac is flawless.

Even with its flaws (which are slowly being solved and are a matter of time/development) it is a great phone / device. Oh and despite my hesitancy to switch, the coverage / service is superior to my last carrier (Sprintpcs). I do not hesitate to recommend this phone.
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get it jail broken and get a line out portable dock and your set,

the screen is a the perfect size for portability watchability!

i thought id give a list of the 3rd part apps

game boy emulator
snes emulator
lyric app -lyrics scroll as the song progresses, downloaded as you play the song
cell tower triangulation via google maps
unit converter - ie km to miles
internet radio - (wifi req!)
back gammon
solitaire, blackjack, etc
snake via tilting the phone
labyrinth while tilting the phone
guitar fret board, amazing that one

ill post a screen shot,
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I love my jailbroken iPhone too. I never had a cell phone before this, but it's great to have Safari with me whereever I go. I don't use it much as an iPod. I have iPods for that. But it's great for watching TV shows.

See ya
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the best thing since sliced bread


those who bitch either havent tried it or are on a horrible 'stock' contract

running a completely offline dump of wikipedia, means can access entire wiki encyclopedia without need for edge or wifi

made my own textual icons in photoshop and edited some from other users in the dock.

i heart my iphone!
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Originally Posted by Al4x /img/forum/go_quote.gif
how much space does wiki take up?

yeah ok, you got me there, sit down....2GB offline dump from oct 07

to me its worth it for all the social pub quiz info and instantenous interaction, but i understand its a trade-off, mine is an 8gb unit, so i jetisoned a few dvd rips, but if i had a 16gigger its more reasonable.

patrick collison - an offline Wikipedia reader for the iPhone/iPod Touch

edit: yeah, themes away from each other, its all good though, its the ethos of customizing that counts!
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I love mine(black back too!). So much less problematic than WM, and a nicer and faster interface than what I used from Palm, Rim and Windows. Only thing that bothers me is I still can't copy/paste, which is something I actually need.

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