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For All Past and Present Shure SRH750DJ Headphone Owners

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by markymark87, Dec 15, 2010.
  1. MarkyMark87
    So I've been in an extensive hunt for a perfect set of headphones for my self (you can see my the few threads I've started or commented on).  Although I originally considered the Beats By Dre Studio, it is now a thing of the past as I don't want to spend more than $150 on headphones anymore.  So out of all the headphones I've been looking at, this seems to be the best pair of bass heavy headphones that still has good sound quality and is never muddy.  I really love the extended frequency range these are stated to have.  These are even stated to be the better than the highly regarded ATH M50s for bass heads.  But before I buy them there are a few concerns I have that I believe only people who own them may be able to answer so can you guys please help me out with this:
    1.  Can I use them unamped through my laptop?  If the only thing that improves with the amp is a better balance of bass then I don't think I would care much for one (atleast not for a while) since I love bass as long as the sound is still clear throughout.
    2.  I hate coiled cables so can I just get a standard 2.5mm to 3.5mm straight cable from a store like The Source to replace the stock coiled cable instead of getting the overpriced one Shure sells?  If there is another place that sells them, can you guys tell me where please?
    3.  I hear alot of people complain about the discomfort these seem to have at first and this is my biggest issue because I need to be able to use them for an entire day, around 6-10hrs.  Now I have 5 min breaks at the end of each hour where I can take a break and take them off but for the remaining 55mins of each hour I would like to keep them on.  Now I don't need these for work purposes for say (not a dj or anything), but I need music in order to make what I do more enjoyable and so that I can stay relaxed.  So are these headphones capable of extended use like I want?  How long can I wear them for comfortably?
    4.  If the initial discomfort does disappear, how long before this happens? I think I would only have 30 days before I can give them back for full refund I'f I'm not pleased with them.  
    5.  Do the ear cups make your eats very hot and sweaty like the M50 are stated to do?  Or are these better?  Have you guys tried using any other pads on these?
    6.  For those that have kept them, why do you love them so much and would you recommend them to me?  For those that sold them, why did you do so?
    My friend can get me these at discount so due to the price, I'm attempted to grab them right away, but I prefer to have you guys help me figure out whether these are the perfect fit for me so can avoid the hassle of returning them.  So please your help will be greatly appreciated, I plan on picking them up by Thursday afternoon so hopefully you guys can help me by then.
  2. tzhuge
    They're just fine unamped. However, they can be very uncomfortable. The primary problem is that they are extremely flat, so much so that I actually have to fully extend them for use. I don't have to do that with any of my other headphones. Another problem is that the cups are circular and not quite circumaural if you have slightly larger ears.
    The cable has sort of a twist lock thing, so I think you would want the official cable. In that case, I think you can just get the straight cable from Shure directly. I doubt you will find them in a big box retailer, but then I have never tried.
    They do provide nice bass for a very reasonable price. I leave them at the office for use during working hours, but actually I don't find myself using them a whole lot. This is really down to personal preference, but for environments where I want sound isolation, I find IEMs to be much more useful. Also, do people come talk to you a lot in your job? I get visitors quite often, and pulling one earphone out is just much faster than taking the 750DJs on and off.
  3. MarkyMark87


    Well I work at home, from my desk so isolation isn't that big of a problem, only time it would be is during the summer because my desk is next to the windows and the kids are out on the streets then.  I already have an IEM (Klipsch Image S4) and I love them but after a few hours my ears get irritated so thats why I'm looking for a full-sized headphone. This seemed to have the best sound while also having great bass so thats why I'm looking at them however the discomfort of them is making me want to look elsewhere.  Thanks for the help so far.  So I'm guessing you wouldn't be able to use them an entire day comfortably? 
    Anybody else care to give me some feedback?
  4. MarkyMark87
    Bump, can anyone else give me some help please :)
  5. MarkyMark87
    Another bump :)
  6. Annirak
    My only problem with comfort was how hard they squeezed my head.  I hear that this comes down to personal preference.  They have been getting better over the two weeks I've owned them.  I used them at work for a whole 8 hours yesterday, so I can tell that they have been breaking in.  I did try to accelerate this early on:  I left them stretched over the box they came in overnight.  It helped.
    Driving these headphones is not an issue.  An ipod could do it.  
    The cable is 2.5mm with bayonet lock to 3.5mm, so finding a non-shure replacement isn't going to be easy.  FWIW, I thought I'd hate the coiled cable too, but it doesn't bother me. 
    It is the winter, but I haven't had any issues with sweatty ears.
    These headphones burn in a lot, and the frequency balance changes over the burn-in time.  At first the bass was actually a bit too strong.  It's evened out now, after about 30 hours.
    Hope that helps!

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