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For 6AS7G tube rollers here .....

287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296
  1. cddc
    Cool, thanks a lot for the update, mate!
  2. Scutey
    No problem! :dt880smile:
  3. JKDJedi
    Those are bright regardless ..no? What preamp are you pairing the 5998 with?
  4. Scutey
    They are fairly bright, so I use them with a Feliks Audio Elise tube amp, this does tame the highs somewhat, whilst keeping airiness, sparkle and detail in the highs.
  5. LoryWiv
    Are AS7G's compatible as power tubes in Elise without adapter?
  6. JKDJedi
    Yes! Standard tube for most. All these should work as well --- >.
    5692 6AS7G 6080 5998 6N5P 6N5S ECC230 7236 CV2523 421a
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2019
  7. LoryWiv
    Great to know these are all legit. options, thanks for replying @JKDJedi !
    JKDJedi likes this.
  8. JKDJedi
    Oops take out ECC32 out of there...that one is Driver :D gonna update the post
  9. cddc
    also 6F8G, i believe :D
  10. JKDJedi
    Oh God.... Lol.. copy! Just double checked them all....should be good!
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2019
    cddc likes this.
  11. JKDJedi
    Sorry asked a question thats been already answered here..I was the one initially asking!
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
  12. Dogmatrix
    I'm asking because I have a Mullard 6080 that's rebranded to Philips and curious who made their 6080WC version.[/QUOTE]

    FSCM 82219 = Philips ECG North America formerly Sylvania
  13. gibosi
    A picture would be very helpful. Mullard did manufacture the 6080, but I don't know for sure if they manufactured the 6080WC. So it may well have been manufactured by Sylvania/Philips in the US.
  14. JKDJedi
    Yeah sorry guys, I had asked the very same question here and forgot about it. Have a pair of the Sylvania Gold Brand 6080WA coming in soon and wonder if it's gonna sound the same as the Philips 6080WC (rebranded from Sylvania..thanks for confirming guys!) From what I know from the first time I asked here on this thread, Is that Philips bought Sylvania in the early 80's? post#4273
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
  15. BearMonster
    Can anyone tell me about these tubes. Are they rebranded Tung Sol 6080

    westinghouse 6080.jpg
287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296

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