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For 6AS7G tube rollers here .....

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  1. abvolt
    I'm not much of an audiophile but all of the 6 pairs of gold sylvania's I've got sound very liquid and open I enjoy them I also have 3 pairs of 5998A's they seem to be more relaxed but still enjoyable, I was thinking about trying the mullard 6080's just to see, there cost is a lot more though, and I've already spent too much on tubes this year..
  2. Badas
    Just adding to the discussion on the Sylvania 6080. I have a pair of the Gold label, a pair of the regular, two pairs labeled Brimar and two labeled Telefunkin. They all look and sound the same.
  3. abvolt
    Thanks now I know how are the tung sol 5998's if you've tried them that is, I've been looking but wow spendy..
  4. Badas

    I'm in the same boat. I haven't got a pair of Tung-Sol 5998's. Too rich for me right now.
    I might try a pair of the 5998a you mentioned. I like relaxed. Is yours GE branded?
  5. abvolt
    Yes they are and affordable Lol..
  6. Badas

    These suckers aye?
  7. Skylab Contributor
    I think I have posted this before, but for those of you bargain hunting, these are actually nice sounding tubes, quiet, and true NOS/NIB...

  8. adeadcrab
    thanks skylab!
  9. adeadcrab
    Just bought 4 of these GE 6AS7G tubes. Sadly the website wouldn't let me order 6 at a discount, they stated that they didn't have enough stock..
  10. Mechans1

    I think the Tung Sol 5998s  are significantly different, in my opinion better than 6080s I have or have heard.  I would buy fewer multiples of tubes, it sounds like some of you are buying.  I know it is difficult not to buy "back ups" and back ups for the back ups, but in truth youi are prolly better off with variety instead of quantity.
    I could have bought NIB Mullard 6080s as a quad but opted for a pair after seeing my collection grow so large with other tubes..  You will see your collection can get inflated when you start using an amp that uses a tube you didn't have before such as the 6080 is to me now. Then the painful decisions about what to sell, even if you aren't using the tubes now. I just  don't like selling . 
    I want to try the gold brand Sylvanias and next month as my funds replenish I  will get some.
    Save your pennies for the TS 5998 they are good indeed.
  11. abvolt
    You make a very good point Mechans1 I do have too many back ups of my back ups Lol, thanks and yes in a month or so i'm going to try a pair of the ts 5998's..
  12. Dogmatrix
    After a few months rolling various 6080 tubes GE five star , Tung-Sol , Mullard and GEC I returned to a Chatham 5998 sourced on EBay ($60)
    Although the difference is large , 5998 ,2399 and 421a have different spec to 6080 and 6as7 family after all I am not sure which I prefer
    For me a 6080 like the GEC is comparable to a fine watercolor full of subtle detail with a gentle calm flowing nature
    5998 on the other hand compares to a masterful oil , strong opaque color with bold contrast
    Have a TS 6520 on the way maybe it will bridge the gap between 5998 and 6080
    To relate to current discussion , in my own collection I definitely go for variety I have 2 5998 , 2 2399 , 2 421a , 3 6080 five star , 3 Bendix 6080 2 Mullard , 2 GEC etc
    I do understand the temptation for building a tube hoard particularly with prices rising , but lately I have been concentrating on the less common and only when the price is right
    Cheers everyone and may all your tubes be the strong quiet type
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  13. Shaffer
    I have 4 pairs of 6080: JAN GE, 5-star GE, Sylvania WC (grey base), and metal base/red script RCAs (early-60?). The amp is a Feliks Elise. The Sylvanias sound the brightest and more 2-dimensional than the others. Really don't like them. The JAN GEs are boring, total meh. Less desirable as a listening tool than the Sylvanias. The 5-star GEs are more dynamic and extended, more clear and weighty. Very quiet. The RCAs, that cost me all of $14, sound best to my ears: they're smooth, clear, dimensional, well-articulated with a convincing presentation of space and depth.
  14. SonicTrance
    I'm sure they will. I'm running 6520's right now in my LD MK6 and to my ears they sound exactly like the Chatham 6AS7G's. Nice and smooth sounding tubes. I do prefer the bigger sound stage and clarity of my 5998's though.
  15. Badas

    Nice info. Intersting I like the Sylvania's. I will get a pair of the RCA's to trial. They look like the same construction as the 6AS7G version. So I was avoiding as those suckers are very noisy in my amp. I will give them a blast tho.

    Edit: just purchased a pair. They will take a while to get to me tho. I'm at the ass end of the world. :D
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