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foods and other things that promote good hearing

  1. smallcaps
    after reading the "favorite fast food" thread i thought i should post regarding food that actually promotes hearing. don't get me wrong, i love a good cheese burger, but i have been thinking more about hearing health now that i have been visiting the head-fi forums.

    most fast foods contain large amounts of cholesterol chocked ingredients, high starches and refined sugars, all of which are VERY BAD for your hearing. these foods in excess lead to Arteriosclerosis; thickening of the passages and tubes in the ear so there is no vibration; excess earwax or other obstructions; mucous clogs; infection or inflammation; swelling; congestion and chronic bronchial infections/swollen glands.

    Foods that you should be eating include lots of vegetable proteins, whole grains, nuts, seeds and sprouts. Garlic is excellent for clearing head passages. Food rich in Beta Carotene help against tinnitus. Vitamin E also promotes good hearing.

    You can also do ear exercises to help loosen earwax, this includes massaging your neck, ears and temples. Pull ear lobes-top, front and back to clear ear passages.

    Above all, try not to blow out your ear drums testing your wicked new amp/IEM setup!

    hope this is helpful for some of you and if you have any more tips to promote good hearing, please share [​IMG]
  2. Weimar

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Arteriosclerosis refers to a stiffening of arteries

    I'm sorry, but following a specific diet to improve your hearing is just a bit... stupid. There are things that are far more damaging to your hearing then your diet, what your food can do for your ears is almost neglectable.
    Think of it this way, the tips you posted are pretty broad and are simply part of a good diet that will improve your health. Your hearing is simply tied to that..you shouldn't be dieting just for your hearing.. but for your health in general.
    If you have a diet that somehow causes you to lose hearing capabilities... I'd start worrying about a LOT of other things. It's more about the body as a whole... I remember seeing some pictures from Head-Fi meets that leads me to believe that that's what most people here should be starting to look [​IMG]
  3. smallcaps
    that's the whole point. health should be a holistic and preventative approach. each part and practice making a difference in the entire scope. this was merely a response to the thread mentioned in the first post. will take a look at the photos at the last meet tho as per your advice. i try to keep healthy in everything i do, be it hearing, mental health, etc. since this is a community that bases its enjoyment in hearing, i thought that the specific topic would be pertinent. [​IMG]
  4. flashnolan
    I have heard extremely hot food helps your hearing because of the smoke that blows out of your ears! :wink:
  5. smallcaps
    lol! my doctor told me to buy a pair of HD600 cause they will help me hear better [​IMG]
  6. GlendaleViper

    Originally Posted by Weimar /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    I remember seeing some pictures from Head-Fi meets that leads me to believe that that's what most people here should be starting to look [​IMG]

    Well aren't you a nasty little model of judgment.

    As for the OP, while I agree that basing your diet around good hearing would be stupid, I fail to see any indication suggesting that's what he meant. And in terms of a whole-body approach, isn't reducing carbs, cholesterol and refined sugar, while increasing consumption of vitamin-rich vegetables and foods with beneficial fatty-acids quite simply good general advice?

    Thanks for your input though, really helpful. [​IMG]
  7. ericj

    Originally Posted by smallcaps /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    that's the whole point.

    No, the point you made was that arteriosclerosis hardens ear canals.

    It doesn't.
  8. smallcaps
    your ear is full of blood vessels. arteriosclerosis leads to these blood vessels hardening reducing elasticity in the ear, therefore it does.
  9. ericj
    I think you should check with an otolaryngologist about that one.
  10. Uncle Erik Contributor
    I put Churros directly into my ears.
  11. CDBacklash
    there are drugs that let you hear better.
    Demazin is an example [​IMG]
  12. smallcaps

    Originally Posted by ericj /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    I think you should check with an otolaryngologist about that one.

    i'll check with my otolaryngologist, you go to your neuro-otologist, and we'll meet back here.
  13. Quaddy Contributor
    a dab of swarfega on each pinner lobe is just the ticket
  14. DMinor
    I was thinking about this and this is a good topic. With the tremendous enjoyment brought by my music, the only thing I fear is to lose hearing. Fortunately I have been eating healthy as pointed out in the OP. I have been blowing my ears for years with the IEM's and headphones and I have not noticed any downgrade in my hearing capacity.

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