Foobar2000 WASAPI Popping Noise

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by BigBig5, Sep 7, 2017.
  1. BigBig5
    I just got an SMSL M2 USB DAC. I have the output plugged into my SMSL sAp II headphone amp. In Foolbar200 I have WASAPI set, but I get popping/clicking noise when I click on a track to play and also when clicking play, pause and stop. What could cause this to happen?

    UPDATE: Just installed ASIO4ALL and now I only get a pop when clicking a track, play and pause.
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  2. MindsMirror
    Maybe it is due to the DAC switching modes. Does it also make the noise when you switch the sample rate in the Windows sound control panel?
  3. BigBig5
    I just tested it and it does make the noise.
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  4. MindsMirror
    How loud is it compared to the music? The Sabre chip's datasheet says it should be pop free on power up/down, mute, and reset. If it's a substantial pop it might be worth emailing their customer service about it.
  5. BigBig5
    I think it my be the Microsoft driver. SMSL doesn't have the driver on their website. I have emailed them for one. Also, made a thread about trying to get the driver.
  6. BigBig5
    I just bought a USB powered hub with power supply on Amazon to see if it's a power problem. Just test on my Android phone and no popping. It has to be the driver in Windows 10. Still looking for the official driver.
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  7. camps
    It's still popping on the Android device?
  8. BigBig5
    Sorry forgot to put no.
  9. bixby
    that is the problem with lots of cheap dacs, they do not know how to write drivers or they buy and implement a crappy usb solution! And I have had it happen on Fiio stuff, Schiit stuff and others!
  10. theveterans
    Just use an XMOS based transport and gone are the pops and clicks you hear

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