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Foobar2000 and Itunes at the same time?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by Steve999, Jun 2, 2018.
  1. Steve999
    I'm posting here after many years of dormancy.

    I currently use Itunes on a PC for my music library. Does anyone know if I can use Foobar2000 with the same music files that Itunes is using without Foobar altering my files or messing up my Itunes setup? They are all mp3 or AAC files. I am interested in using both Itunes and Foobar2000 alternately (not at the same time) but with the same music files and with Itunes solely controlling the content of the actual music files.

  2. NA Blur
    Works for me. I also make sure iTunes saves the music as MP3 too upon download. Also, iTunes sometimes uses a different master in the preview file compared to the one you end up downloading.
  3. Steve999
    Thanks! Do you mean you make sure Itunes downloads the file as MP3 as opposed to AAC? If so, why? I guess I don't understand.

  4. NA Blur
    MP3 is easily transferred without fighting issues with Apple's AAC files. I think Foobar does fine with both types now as I have both types running without issue.
  5. Steve999
    I've got it set up, no problems, thanks for sharing your experience. It was very helpful. :)


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