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Sep 16, 2005
Doubt anyone could help, but...

90% of my music is in FLAC, so instead of having a bitrate or codec column, I'd like to set a condition. So, say if bitrate<350 the album name would be red.


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well it would be better to have that condition be based on codec instead of bitrate since it's possible for FLAC to show bitrate lower than 350 especially old mono recordings...

though i'm not sure how to do it
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^Considered this, but it makes little difference.

Codec it'd be; 'If Codec = lossy codec then %album% is red.

Bitrate it'd be; 'If Bitrate = <350 then %album% is red.
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I know it is certainly possible.

Check this, a $if function: ''If condition is met[codec is lossy/bitrate low], do something[make title red]. Otherwise do something else[just display title in default colour].

Thing is I'm not exactly au fait with typing it, I know the importance of a missing ' or ,.

edit - Nice how encoding is a function, i.e. so it'd be 'If condition is met[codec is lossy], '...

Nice2 - Every song of mine has an encoding tag.
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You'll probably need columns UI to do coloring in the playlist.

Make a new column using the following string



Compares (case insensitive) the encoding field with the text 'lossy', if true, colors the following text (in this case the album name) red else colors it black (if you prefer it to be deault color then remove the $rgb(0,0,0) after the comma).

This should work. I use Default UI so I can't test it currently.

P.S the encoding tag is an inbuilt feature of foobar2000. There probably is a list of codecs that are lossless/lossy in the code.
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^Thanks a lot.
Title formatting is title formatting, so I doubt it matters which UI you use?

In fact got '$if()' in another column[stoeled from an old theme, not mine].

edit - It works(Y).

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