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Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by music_man, Jun 20, 2011.
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  1. music_man
    ok, i am going to use firefox. i am pretty familiar with it already as i was using it. until that guy told me not to. i already figured what you guys said about those comments held true. i am using an rme card. it is a top notch card for making music as i am a music producer. i am sure it is not intended to be used with something like foobar. however it has been working fine for several days. the bottom line is ie9 has to go. i am going to trust you guys and not someone touting their own product,duh. i am not doing anything special anyways. just the normal things a person would do on the internet probably. i have hardware and software firewalls etc. i don't need to be paranoid about it. i really do not feel the need to use a sandbox or anything. sure, some folks might disagree about that but i personally don't think i need to go that far. so i suppose this problem is solved. if it turns out to be my soundcard that is not a problem either. i have a drawer full of creative products etc. which, not the sound quality of the rme are in fact designed to be used with applications such as foobar. as far as other issues on the machine, i know my way around a windows machine so i am not worried that was the problem.
    thanks for the help guys.
  2. Roller
    RME does fine gear, and some of the very best drivers I've ever seen. But make no mistake, there is no reason why you shouldn't use it with foobar. The "little" player can handle just about anything you throw at it, and also has the same trait of a solid core with immense flexibility.
    Anyway, do post feedback on further advances of the situation.
    Good luck man :)
  3. music_man
    well.... omg! firefox 5.0 walks all over ie9! for one thing on the i7 machine even ie9 took like 5 seconds to load. firefox loads instantly on a 1 core amd machine! on my surfing i5 machine it loads head-fi in under one second! ie9 took about 7 seconds. wow. thanks guys. i think this was my problem. i set up the security how i wanted it/plugins/customization etc. like i said i was already plenty familiar with firefox 4.xx. the only thing i don't know is how to get the options menu when in full screen. also of course thunderbird could not import from outlook but i did it manually. i did not even check if this is 64 bit but i assume it is anyways. well i think i know what my problem(s) was now. i can move the browser all over the place with foobar on 50ms and no stuttering. oh man.
  4. Roller


    No, the 64bit binaries are only going to be available for Firefox 6, which will be available some time in August, IIRC.
    Firefox is an amazing piece of software, but I don't trade Outlook for Thunderbird, there's just something solid about Outlook, and the fact that it never failed me over the course of many years. Still, the latest Thunderbird version seems to have improved quite a bit, so I might take it for a ride again.
    Anyway, I'm glad things are finally working proper on your end [​IMG]
  5. music_man
    i did get 64 bit binaries for firefox and thunderbird. they are beta's though. well, nightly's. i hope that is not a bad idea. they are more stable than ie9 final lol. they are working fine. as long as it is not a security risk i am fine with it. they are even faster than the 32 bit ones. which were already way faster than ie9 64 bit. i like this much better. one interesting thing is white backgrounds actually seem white! ie9 was like a grey of some sort. the display is calibrated and again just now.
  6. Roller


    I recommend against using nighty builds if you're looking for stability and security above all else. Seriously, until final versions are launched, just keep with 32bits, play it safe. If security wasn't a concern, then by all means, you could very well taste the secretive taste of the fine yet unstable brews from Mozilla. Otherwise, not so much.
  7. music_man
    well all my problems were solved with firefox/thunderbird. i am using the nightly's as they seem much faster. i am not paranoid about security as some people say i should be. the joke is the nightlys are more stable tan ie9 final! in three days of heavy use they have not crashed once! in comparison ie9 final was crashing on average every 20 minutes on any machine. also, foobar will work for me with wasapi at 50ms with these nightly's. i am very pleased. i understand about the security with the nightly, you don't have to tell me. it is a risk i am willing to take.

    thanks for the help guys!
  8. Roller


    You were the one who brought up security concerns in the first place.
    Anyway, both apps are solid pieces of software, despite one being recommended against on systems where stability matters most.
    I'm glad things are working out for you, at last :)
  9. nofacemonster
    I just fixed the same problem on my almost 12 year old machine. I revert back to windows 7 stock drivers. Uninstalled everything that manufacturer had given and problem got fixed, everything running smooth.
  10. Music Alchemist
    What a necro-bump...

    I have a simple solution for anyone who needs it: Click File, Preferences, Advanced, Playback and type 9 repeatedly next to full file buffering, then click OK.

    This will store the file data for each track in your computer's memory, greatly reducing the chances of stuttering.
  11. Bloodoath
    Faster storage helps as well. My library is now on SSDs and that ended the issue for me as well as the memory buffer bump, though not as big as suggested above.
  12. Music Alchemist
    I used to use virtual RAM drives to store everything in memory. They're four or more times faster than even SSD, though it doesn't really matter when we're just talking about audio playback.
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