Foobar and Asio
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Oct 14, 2005
Hi All,

Trying to get best out of the MicroDac when playing CDs through Foobar on my Windows laptop and I followed the guide below. I have downloaded Foobar 2000 and also installed Asio Plugin which I saved in the components directory of Foobar. In Foobar, I have selected in Output preferences in Foobar the Asio dll version which I installed and also selected the 32 bit option in Playback options. However, the Wave slider in Windows still controls the volume so I presume I have not done it correctly and have not bypassed kmixer. Can anyone help me? I cannot complain about the sound but as I have only had the Stack for a short time I wanted to check I had done everything possible to get the best out of it.

Many thanks


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