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  1. betudontbet
    Hello guys,

    i would i ask to ask if you have any expirence with FOCUSrite SCARLETT

    basically i need USB DAc for my laptop, for better soundcard quality. Also this model has a option you can plug MIDI in it, So I can use it to play live and use the soundcard from the DAC.

    Do u think the soundcard its good for the price ? or should i buy DAC only for sound quality not audio interface.

    Last edited: Aug 11, 2018
  2. Fotopaul
    It's a good Audio interface, but the DAC is not optimized for music or gaming, what matters the most usually for an audio interface is the preamps for recording.

    The quality will certainly better than an onboard laptop DAC, but it won't rival a good DAC for Music or gaming, cause it's not meant to.
  3. Alcophone
    I have the 6i6 and it's pretty prone to noise somehow. Apparently there are possible workarounds like minimizing your CPU switching between power states, but no other DAC I have used has had this issue. So purely for DAC use, I'd look elsewhere, assuming the 2i4 has the same issues.
  4. FunkeXMix
    I don't have any noise with my integrated amp and passive speakers. Do you mean noise as in hissing? I have Scarlett 2i2. It has some very slight hiss with my very sensitive IEMs in the headphone out but it's so low that even the lowest sounds will drown it out. In other words, not an issue.

    To save time I am pasting a response I had in another thread. Sound is very personal. The best thing with HIFI is to buy it from a store that allows returns. Test it out.

    'There is a point you reach as a HIFI person where upgrades are cool, but the diminishing returns start to factor in. Differences become less clear.
    The place where you start to ponder if more soundstage will make things worse and make it sound unnatural. When the voices are so beautilful and crystal clear, making them clearer is overkill.
    The Scarlett is so good I think this point has been reached for me. And I believe I am capable to determine this and recommend something to other HIFI people with a sensitivity to sound quality.

    The Scarlett 2i2 sounds amazing, with it you reach the level you need with a DAC. The point at which I believe it is time to focus on other things. Like better speakers, where diminishing returns is less of a factor.

    There is a business side of DACs where you gain market share and returns by dividing the target group by musicians and studio producers and consumer level HIFI nerds. It seems logical to me with my own senses and reading what other people say, that there is a lot of margin there in selling less quality for a premium price depending on market. To me the Scarlett proves this.

    My FLC8n IEMs sound amazing with the Scarlett and loud at 40%. Proper. The only downside is that before 20% there is channel imbalance and the right side is just slightly lower in volume. Not an issue for me that makes me want to buy something else but an issue none the less.

    With my passive speakers i run the volume on the Scarlett at 100% with no noticable distortion so far. Integrated amp for volume control. I imagine there is some room for improvement in the sound, but at this level it feels like nitpicking.'

    Added note, this DAC is optimal with 32ohm headphones and below. Not higher.
  5. Alcophone
    I used the 6i6 to record a coax S/PDIF signal (either looped back from its own S/PDIF out or from an iFi micro iDSD) and noticed that the recording had pops and other artifacts in it. I then used the 6i6's headphone out and heard the same issues. Since recording digital audio was the only reason I got it, I haven't used it much since.
  6. Fotopaul
    Focusrite USB interfaces are ok, but not exceptional in terms of noise and DAC.

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