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Focal Utopia General Discussion

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Allanmarcus, Jun 14, 2016.

Has your utopia needed repair from your dealer or Focal, either under warranty or not?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. I prefer not to answer

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  1. dontfeedphils
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  2. Roasty
    Just recieved my amp. Waited for the kids to go to zzz before plugging everything in. Well, I am truly enjoying the Utopia + Woo Audio 22...

    Seems like the amp has taken off the treble bite and edginess and I am really appreciating these headphones much more now. I have some left ear tinnitus which comes on at higher volumes and bright sections of music with my other headphones and amps (chord mojo, mjolnir) and with these, I've not had any ringing/buzzing in my left ear for the past 2-3 hrs of listening despite really cranking it up.

    The soundstage is really quite fantastic and there is very nice tight controlled bass.

    Keeping in mind both items are fairly new, can't wait to hear how the sound evolves.
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  3. italiandoc1
    well, they are off to somewhere with the warranty pdf. The dealer seemed a little lackadaisical...hope they come back
  4. uthood
    I auditioned a few amps with Utopia last time I was at The Source and really liked tubes over solid state. I'm considering a WA22 for my Utopia as well.

    What DAC are you pairing with the WA22?
  5. Roasty
    The first time I listened to the utopia was with a Benchmark Dac 3 and HPA4 stack. I didn't really like it as it sounded a bit bright for my tastes. On the other hand, the benchmark stack with Empyreans sounded great.

    Am using the matrix audio mqa sabre pro with the Wa22 and utopia. I prefer the utopia with tubes too.. Gives it some nice low end and smoother, slightly rolled off highs.

    I have a Benchmark Dac 3 coming, so will try it out with the Wa22 and utopia combo as well.
  6. italiandoc1
    +1 for Utopia and tubes. Was using primarily with the Zana Deux and Microzotl, both OTLs that play awesome with lower impedance type cans...
  7. meomap
    Mine is Utopia with ALO Studio Six tube amp.
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  8. uthood
    I've been eyeing the matrix (non-mqa). Seems like you can find some pretty good deals on the secondary market. I'll get the wa22 first, let the wallet recover, then start looking for a used matrix pro.
  9. Svatopluk
    Unfortunately I've never had the opportunity to try Utopia with a lower impedance tube amp, only the LD MK6. Definitely something to avoid at all cost due to the MK6's not so low, low impedance setting. Thanks for all the compatible tube amp suggestions, I'm using the Ragnarok and V280 currently with no complaints but who knows what the future may hold.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2019
  10. up late
    low impedance is key otherwise the utopia's fr is altered
  11. montanari
    Unfortunately so true..
    Do you think guys valve amp with 22ohm output is Too high?
  12. up late
  13. Roasty
    20190624_202755-01.jpeg Received my Lavricable Grand Line today. Build quality is very good. Cable itself is very light. Connectors connect with a nice confident click.

    First impressions.. Vocals are more upfront. Definitely some increase in clarity of voices. High treble is more pronounced, and there is slight sibilance. Separation is definitely better than stock cable. Bass is tighter, but there seems to be less sub bass, less "oomph/slam". Soundstage seems similar to stock single ended cable.

    I've got both cables (lavri and stock) connected to my amp and am switching back and forth to compare.

    There is apparently a 150 hr burn in period (as per their website) so I'm hoping the highs will settle and the bass will improve after some time. Good opportunity to burn in the amp as well.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2019
  14. pataburd
    Is that an 8-cores UP-OCC silver cable?
  15. pataburd
    I am enjoying the solid state ecp DSHA-3F [Ravenswood], built by Doug Savitsky, which is impedance-matched for the Focal [Clear and Utopia].

    ecp_DSHA-3F [Ravenswood].jpg
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