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Has your utopia needed repair from your dealer or Focal, either under warranty or not?

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  3. I prefer not to answer

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    How is it going to pick MQA? Sorry for all the questions brother. Thank's for the information anyways.
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  2. dontfeedphils
    Just like on the desktop app, you have the choice of both Master and Standard versions. It's a bit harder to tell which is which on mobile/UAPP, but you'll know once you start playing the music and look at the bit-rate/depth.

    Most of the master albums I listen to I "favorite", that way I know I'm listening to the master version rather than the standard.
  3. csglinux
    FYI, this was from a communication I had yesterday with the tech folks at Tidal:

  4. dontfeedphils
    Through their official app offerings. Obviously something is different about the two songs I posted screenshots of, otherwise they'd be the exact same bit-rate and depth.
  5. csglinux
    It's not very clear what's going on in their mobile apps, because they do have some (limited) 24 bit content. What they call MQA is where they have additional high-frequency content from 48->96 kHz and 96->192 kHz folded back via a compression with maintains timing of certain transients, but can lose bit-depth along the way to make space for the extra information they need to avoid time smearing. So what you have currently in any mobile app may be higher bit-rate, but it's not MQA. I say "may", because in my experience with UAPP, what it says on that now-playing screen isn't always correct :wink:
    Crap... this has me lost faster than a ship blown off course. lol
  7. dontfeedphils
    It may not be the full "MQA Experience", but my point in posting this is that you are able to access higher quality streams from Tidal on the go.
  8. csglinux
    Maybe you have higher bit-rate, yes. But your comment about "masters" isn't quite right.
  9. dontfeedphils
    Do a find/replace for "masters" to "better than their normal quality". And sorry for the incorrect nomenclature.
  10. csglinux
    No worries. It's a giant pit of confusion for everybody right now :wink: Almost nobody knows what's going on. Even MQA itself isn't entirely transparent because so much of it is proprietary. For example, many people seem to think it's lossless. From everything I've been able to determine, that's only true for the content up to 48 kHz...
  11. doggiemom
    Personally, I like the mojo. You and I talked about how my first DAC for the utopia was the mojo. It served me really well and I think gave the utopia a decent showing. Now The mojo is my bedtime rig. For me, because I have sleeping issues, this is a really important place! The mojo has plenty of power, esp for the easy to drive Utopias, so I suspect you will be happy with it..... until your heart gets set on something more expensive. :persevere:

    You are an hour and a half from me. If you want to come listen to some options for the utopias (I have a few DACand amps you could try) let me know. You just have to promise not to be creepy: ...... in any case, I have 3 dogs, a husband, and a Taurus Judge if you turn out to be a creeper. :L3000:
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  12. wldcohso
    Agreed, take a listen because both are good. The iFi DSD BL has more features and accessories, more bang for your buck. the iFi DSD BL is somewhat bright/neutral and Mojo much warmer/laid back but both have good resolution and detail retrieval. you can get iFi DSD BL cheaper brand new, lots of deals for used Mojo’s. keep an eye on slickdeals.. got my for 380.
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  13. emptymt
    Any people here has a DAC recommendations for The Utopia other than Chords?
    I'm think to get a desktop R2R DAC, Was thinking to get Schiit Gumby / Yggdrasil but lately also got interested in the Holo Spring DAC, any comments on this will help a lot. thx
  14. banco-sg
    I am using Sony dac/amp, TA-ZH1ES, quite magically to my ears.
    Thank you for the kind offer, No, I'm not a creeper, honestly, I wouldn't even feel comfortable in going inside another person home. I like to keep to myself. I'm getting the Mojo and I'm buying the CLEAR headphones for now. If they aren't good enough then I will trade them in and buy the Utopia. I would feel weird traveling to check out someones audio gear. lol
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