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Focal Utopia Cable Upgrade: Silver Dragron V3 or Lavricables Master Silver ?

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  1. PhiQuanTu
  2. Sonic Guild

    Did u find out an answer to your question? 
    I am interested in a silver cable.
  3. PhiQuanTu
    The Silver Dragon is going back to the Moon today, and I'm taking 10% loss (restocking fee). To me, both cables transmit audio quality to the Utopia at about the same level (clear & detailed, and slightly better than stock cables). But the Lavricable has a way better look and seems more durable in the long run (though a little heavier than the Silver Dragon V3 - note that it's 12 core braided). The Lavricable also cost a lot less (~ half) than the Silver Dragron V3. You can get more technical information of the Lavricables on their website.
    I'll get a picture of the Lavricable connected to the Utopia & Chord Hugo when I have time this weekend.
  4. lavricables

    thanks for update and your comments! looking for pics... :)
    make sure it's burned in as the sound will be much more pleasant after that!
  5. Sonic Guild

    Do u make copper cables for the Utopia?
  6. lavricables

    unfortunately no.
  7. popof94

    Utopia headphone, astell&kern AK320+AK380 amplifier, miter leather and lavricable ultimate cable connect in balance output.
  8. musicday
    Very nice looking cable and the price is very reasonable compared to other similar makes.
  9. timztunz
    Do you have Reference Line cable for the Utopia?  Or am I just missing it on the website?  Also, what is current lead time from order to ship?
    Many thanks!
  10. lavricables
    12 core Master and 20 core Grand lines are the only available now for Utopia headphones. Reference will not reveal full potential of these headphones I'm afraid. All cables are usually sent within a week time of payment.
  11. timztunz
    Kind thanks.  Order placed.
  12. Whippler
    @lavricables Shop is closed? was going to order a cable for Utopia. btw do you ship from EU?
  13. TimeBomb
    I was wondering about the same thing. At least on their eBay shop, it shows that he's currently away until June 2nd. Hope we'll be able to buy around then.

    I am looking for a new cable to replace the stock cable for my Audeze LCD2, and have my eyes set on the Lavricables. I'm a bit of a newbie though, and was wondering if anyone could explain the benefits I may notice from getting the 12 core or 20 core cable, rather than the 8 core cable. 8 -> 12 -> 20 core is around a $100-200 step up each way, hence my curiosity around around the 12/20 core over the 8 core. Thanks all.
    Last edited: May 28, 2017
  14. vert
    I have the Danacable for the Utopia. It's good.

    Much better than the stock cable.
  15. riderx1
    I was at cam jam the other day and remembered using a focal with some thick braided silver cable. I think it costed around $1000. Wished I could've compared it with the regular cable.
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