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Focal Stellia Review, Measurements, Interview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Feb 12, 2019.
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  1. raypin
    Mm...first rational thought upon waking up this morning: shoot-out article of the HD 820, Sony Z1R (bad pairing with the DMPZ1), Audio Technica L5000 (woof!; unobtanium), Audeze LCD XC (unreal with the Blu Mk II/Dave), TH 900 Mk 2 (listened briefly through the DMPZ1 and I am impressed) and the Stellia. Although I expect Utopia to be sonically superior as it is open back, I still would like to know how the Stellia compares with the Utopia.

    The Battle of the TOTL Closed Backs: 2019 Edition!
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  2. skootb
    L5000 has no low end
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  3. raypin
    Mm...read the thread. It seems the production model has more/better bass than what was demoed in HK?
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  4. paul30d
    By the song you are listening to, I would say you have been to the Philippines. If so, I am guessing you know the importance of rolex, hermes, real leather, french handbags, etc. I am just waiting for the first crocodile skin, french megabuck headphone. It's gonna do well in SE Asia.
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  5. SHAMuuu
    WHOA 2 shocks today

    First the focal

    but L5000?!?!

    How did I miss that one, i can;t believe it b/c i read about these things daily.

  6. DarginMahkum
    I would really be interested to hear how it holds up against Ultrasone Jubilee 25. I remember you have or had one.
  7. skootb
    I bought a production model and returned it the next day. My noble Katana ciems have more bass than the l5000, and the katanas are not known for having a lot of bass
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  8. raypin
    Ot: Mm....and I also listen to African music, Russian music (P.... Riot is a riot), Chinese music (Canto Pop)..........and no Rolex for me. I am content with being an Apple fanboy so Watch Series 4, Xs Max and iPad Pro 11 are my tech gear/jewelry......and I wear regular folks clothes with no bling (not my style). I m a citizen of the world.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
  9. guitardave
    I would be anxious to hear how the Stellia compares to the Utopia aside from the fact that one is open, the other closed. Given a quiet environment so all things are equal, is one audibly superior to the other or do they both trade pluses and minuses? Would there be any reason to move from a Utopia to a Stellia if only used in a quiet room anyway?
  10. raypin
    Mm....you are right. There is no reason but closed back is also to not disturb other people while headphone listening. It can be a big deal for some.
  11. gb21011971
    Generally speaking, open should be better than closed...BUT, since Utopia is a bit lean in the lower registers, maybe Stellia could be the more pleasant signature?
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    I'm very curious how the bass turns out.
  13. Nomax
    ....its not easy to describe the soundsignature from Stellia....i hope i find the right Words

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  14. John Blackshear
    Anxiously awaiting your review!
  15. raypin

    Mm...when words fail, do it in pictures. Where does it lie?

    (from Lawton Audio)

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