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Focal Stellia Review, Measurements, Interview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Feb 12, 2019.
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  1. arielext
  2. noplsestar
  3. jmills8
    Cause its the best sounding headphone.
  4. arielext
    Unforeseen circumstances, I need the cash more at the moment. They are the best closed back I have ever heard but I can do with the lesser closed back headphones I have.
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  5. Van Gogh
    To people in this thread, why do you have Focal Stelia?
    Specifically, it seems to me Focal Utopia is better than Stelia in all matters, maybe except bass (from what I have read).
    Yes, Stelia is a closed back, so can potentially be used outside, but my guess is most people use it in the house anyway, so why not just get Utopia than?
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  6. arielext
    In my case: My girlfriend :wink:
    When she plays online with her friends they talk all night long. A proper closed back keep them out of my music :)
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  7. teknorob23
    Having had both, theres not a huge difference in technical performance with the Utopia just edging it on detail and extension. Tonal the Stellia have it and they're smoother and easier to live with over longer listening sessions. With the stellia, i use to turn to them to be amazed but after an hour or so i'd often have had enough, all a bit too relentless for my tastes whereas i can listen to the stellia for hours on end in less the silent conditions which is how i spend a lot of my life. Theyre both great but at this sort of price its all about finding a headphone thats as close matching all of your personal criteria as possible. You never going to get an objective binary answer to this sort of question. I'm afraid listening to them yourseff is going to be the only way to answer this question :)
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  8. Van Gogh
    Well funny reason but perfectly valid lol.
  9. Van Gogh
    Makes sense, listening in person and personal taste is probably what it comes down for most of this stuff.
    The older I get the more I just rely on my personal opinion rather than what other people claim. Tastes can vary quite widely.
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  10. will f
    some people find the treble on the Utopia to be too much. The Stellia is a little more laid back while still being fantastically detailed. As another said, when you’re spending $3K up on headphones, it’s all about personal preference rather than raw performance.
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  11. Topbanana
    I sold the Utopia for the Stellia mainly because of the closed back. Mainly so I'm not kicked off the comfy sofa when I'm relaxing and the better-half is at home.

    We're in a flat in central London so a lot of background noise so the isolation helps. But yes if I had a man-cave in the countryside I'd still be rocking the utopia. Ironically I prefer rock on the Stellia v Utopia
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  12. jlbrach
    I think the stellia has a better sound signature....IMHO of course
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  13. mixman
    I also prefer the Stellia's sound signature to the Utopia.
  14. GreenBow
    You know about the pads darkening over time. I just this moment opened my Stellia, and found the pads looked a lot darker than I expected. They are quite soft too, which I was not expecting.

    I thought the pads were quite light tan. However I just checked images of them, and the pads are quite dark. https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/focal-stellia

    I had that shock moment when I opened them and thought, "they are used". There is no sign of use on the headband though which would have been a giveaway had they been used.

    They do seem to be almost full in the bass by the way. I was expecting some serious run-in time with them. Although they do sound a bit rough and ready and sound like they need time to smooth out.

    By the way @teknorob23 good luck with your ZMF. Watch them conquer reviews, and I end up feeling short changed with the Stellia. Haha, no chance I think. The Stellia review like a dream. Just thinking about what you said.
  15. teknorob23
    Congrats on the new arrival :wink: The pads are quite dark, but i i dont think the leather has been treated with the intension of it aging, just look out for the headband as this discolours in a less even manner. As far as i can remember they did sound okay out the box, almost there after 50-100 but not 100% at their best until 200hrs+.

    I am excited about the Verite Closeds but i'm not expecting them to blow the stellia out of the water, just offer something different. I'm not putting too much faith in the reviews as there is only one full review and some loaner impressions to go off, all apparently from people who either no and like the ZMF house style, or who listen to totally different music to me. I made my decision more based on a couple of friends on here who's ear's i trust with similar preferences who demo'd and ordered on the spot, that and the canjam discount will help if their stay ends up being a brief one. looking forward to some serious AB'ing with Stellia to see who stays. I'm also looking forward to hearing how yours go with the TT2!
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