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Focal Stellia Review, Measurements, Interview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Feb 12, 2019.
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  1. teknorob23
    i havent heard the closed versions that ive ordered, just the verite opens, but a 6 month wait for demos was too much for me.
  2. LegionWolf
    So I don’t have balanced adapter. Should be her any minute. But I’m actually very sadly shocked at the lack of low end these have (playing of unbalanced cord came with stellia on DMP-z1)

    I know there’s break in but I don’t think it’s going to add what I’ve gotten from mdr-z1r’s (which also aren’t fully broken in). And z1rs give bass I need plus more than fine on bad / mids. Stellia feeling extremely bright. Overly so in places

    Haven’t changed from direct source as never had to touch for mdr/ ier z1rs. Might try to help

    But if someone’s on fence about getting and it’s the sound you like (not saying bad, just don’t think they’ll be mind sound) there might be exemtrely lightly (and gently ) used Stellias for sale here soon ...

    Was really hoping to plug in and just here the magic

    Edit : and listening to not so bass heavy album to give better shot. But I just lean to z1rs sooo much more
    Tried little Michael's Thriller in dsd and Pharrell’s album GIRL. Some other randoms. A/B’ing will continue.

    And to those asking about ear warmth. Stellia warm ears more than z1rs also. The z1rs bigger so seem to have more airspace is it’s closed shell if helps.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
  3. LegionWolf
    Ok second edit. Got balanced connection to 4.4mm and sounds a loooooottttt better. But we’ll see. Still not giving me the wow I thought
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  4. GreenBow
    If I recall correct, bass filing in is one of the quantities that changes during headphone burn in. It was with Grado headphones that I bought. (No more Grado for me at the moment.)
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  5. LegionWolf
    I sure hope so
  6. LegionWolf
    Ok, ok. These are starting to open quite a bit.
    It’s was almost like don’t listen to them for at least first two hours, just turn on music leave room and let burn in.
  7. jmpsmash
    the bass will tighten up after 50 hours.
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  8. teknorob23
    They really do need 150-200 hrs+ before they properly settle down :)
  9. LegionWolf
    That Beryllium must be super stiff -- it was like they had not bass -- not just bass lite.

    But even just few hours in it looosened up A LOT -- its not Z1R bass -- but the balance is much better now. Will be report back after letting burn in more
  10. Marutks
    Have you tried "Black Dragon Premium Cable for Focal Stellia headphones"? Is it any good?
  11. LegionWolf
    Want to try also -- anyone else have use with em?
  12. teknorob23
    Black dragon is made of upocc copper which is some of the best copper around. Mono crystal copper trumps oxygen free copper in most applications for sound quality. It will be an improvement over the stock cable, which isnt hard :wink: This cable is expensive for what it is as a 5ft 4-core cable would cost about $60 dollars to build. If you want a real jump up in performance with the stellia look for a cable made of 24awg or heavier gauge upocc silver. The stellia’s scale beautifully with any improvements in the chain around them and after 9 months I’ve yet to find their limits. The silver upocc adds significant depth, improvements in detail, separation and layering all with a lovely organic tone. Upocc silver unlike pure solid silver, never sounds bright of thin in the lower end. It really is that good.

    After 25 years of spending too much on very good shop bought cables I’ve spent the last 6 months experimenting lots of different types of wire in 4, 8 and 12 core form combining different metals and most of this has been tested with the stellia, hugo2 and or Feliks audio euforia amp. The silver upocc has by far the most dramatic improving effect. Obviously this isn’t just down to wire as the better it is the more of window it should be on the other components in your set up, so this will effect the overall improvements you hear.

    But the silver will match with pretty much any source for the better. :)
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  13. LegionWolf
    Any recommendation for Silver cable ?
  14. teknorob23
    Neotech make the best UPOCC copper and silver wire and are the biggest supplier to the market which i believe Moon use in the silver dragon cable. Do you have budget in mind? When you are looking just check which wire they've used. UPOCC silver is the material to look for in 24awg or heavier gauge. The effec Audio Cleopatra is one of the best shop bought cables i've heard. But If youre up for getting a soldering iron out i'd happily talk you through everything you need from materials shopping list to step-by-step build guide, which isnt as hard as it sounds and extremely satisfying when you hear you the results versus the money spent which would be about a 3rd of the equivalent shop bought cable. Failing that i'd be happy to make one to your spec and budget :)rob
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  15. GreenBow
    If I were you, I would wait until your Stellia are fully run in, before looking at new cables. (By the way silver cables will only brighten a headphone.)

    You may end up loving your Stellia in stock form. Like you bought it based on reviews and opinions, so maybe wait until it performs as you expected.
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