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Focal Stellia Review, Measurements, Interview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Feb 12, 2019.
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  1. noplsestar
  2. arielext
    I personally have an 8 core cable. I used to have 2 of these 4 core arctic cables for 2 different headphones. I contacted Roy from Arctic Cables and asked if he could 'merge' them into 1 new cable when I finally made the decision that the Stellia would be by end-game closed headphones. The 8 core is not heavy compared to the stock cable. If the sound differs? No clue :)
    I hate the stock cable and will never use it so can't compare to that monstrosity.
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  3. noplsestar
    I get it, so your decision was about ergonomics and microphonics. not sound. because I am rather interested in a sound upgrade (if there is one)
  4. arielext
    I've never experienced a big jump in quality differences switching from one cable to the other, but ymmv.
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  5. mixman
    Yeah a change in cables is doubtful to make headphones you didn't like into headphones you all of a sudden do like.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
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  6. teknorob23
    I'm in it for the sound first but microphonics are important, but in my experience, and ive tried pretty much every combination of every UPOCC copper, silver and silver gold wire neotech make, it really does improve the performance of the Stellia. Even the basic 24awg copper in 4-core is considerable leap in pretty much all aspects of the presentation over the stock cable. I'm not sure which gauge wire arctic use, but i have found the sonic improvements really kick in at 24awg and above. The gauge is an even bigger influencing if your looking at silver upocc. My current favourite being the same as @BiggieBig 24awg 4 core silver, although i will be adding another 4 cores at some point because i cant help myself :wink: If you're looking the at shop bought route, the best cables i've heard are made by Effect Audio, specifically they're Leonidas and Janus B, but you are looking at considerable hike in investment, which since got the soldering iron out no longer seems worth it for me :)
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  7. teknorob23
    100% agree, but i good cable, as much as partnering the HPs with other DACs, amps, source, etc IMO can release more the HP's potential. Ive definitely found this with the Stellia, which i've yet to find their upper limit in terms of scalability.
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  8. doboo57
    Hi, I finally bought the ifi Pro iDSD and man... You were right, it's a matchup made in heaven with the Stellia :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  9. joesuburb
    Funny, I love how efficient these are and I haven't had any desire to drive them with anything more than my Dragonfly Red, although I have a Cobalt on the way :)
  10. adcustom
    So glad to hear that! I love iFi.
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  11. musicman59
    If you want to use your Utopia high end cable I would contact Sean Ee at seaneeafc@gmail.com
    I have the Utopia Kimber Axios AG cable and he made direct adapters so I can use it with all my other headphones.
    He is great and the craftsmanship of the adapters is great!
  12. teknorob23
    Yes a cable upgrade can release further potential in in the Stellia, but with out wanting to be rude, can i ask what made you buy a 3K pair of headphones when you found neither the bass or treble to your taste?
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  13. joesuburb
    I figured he was trolling. There is no mud in the bass.
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  14. doboo57
    Yes, they are not very source-picky (sounds very good from my Dragonfly Black), but they scale up sooooo well with high end stuff :L3000:
  15. jooonnn
    Love the feedback people are having on these. I lovingly cried and blew most my budget on the Stellias themselves, but wondering what more affordable amp options people would recommend for the Stellias. Is the chord mojo still a recommended product?

    Ideally id like to stay under $1100 (price of the rme ADI-2 DAC), since if i pay anything more id rather save up to be a brand fan boy and get the arche if reviews are good for it.
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