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Focal Stellia Review, Measurements, Interview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Feb 12, 2019.
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  1. Imusicman
    Did you try the Elegia? Very reasonable price for maybe 90% of the Stellia
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  2. adcustom
    Ha, yeah, was posting almost this exact same response as I got a notification that you did. The Elegia is very good. No doubt that Focal was developing both at the same time and used its R&D on Stellia for Elegia.
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  3. Imusicman
    Just met Zach & Bevin aka ZMF Headphones for the 1st time. My wife I both loved their range of headphones and most of all it was a pleasure to meet Bevin & Zach.

    I purchased the new closed back verite having been blown away buy sound. First time I’ve ever heard ZMF’s and I have to say they are awesome.

    New closed back verite “Best in Show” for me
  4. noplsestar
    You sure you are in the right thread?
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  5. Imusicman
    Oh no wrong thread sorry about that peeps x
  6. noplsestar
    But I believe you when you say they sound awesome :wink:
  7. walakalulu

    Just ordered the Stellias for £2349 from yesterday’s London Canjam having gone there with the intention of getting the ZMF closed back Veritas. But for me too bulky and just a bit too warm for my taste. Also at the moment I need something that sounds ok via a Dragonfly Cobalt. The ZMF’s needed more grunt and I suspect work best out of a tubed amp.
    Which brings me to 2 questions:
    For simplicity the Arche seems a sensible dac/amp as it can be tuned to the Stellias. Does anyone use it?
    Suggestions for a warmish sounding cable available in the UK would be appreciated eg. Forza?
  8. gonzfi
    £2249... may I ask where from as that is a very good price?
  9. walakalulu
    £2349! From the Focal booth at Canjam.
  10. mixman
    Hey, why do give your impressions of the Verite Closed here in the Verite Closed thread.
  11. Imusicman
    Already apologized for my mistake earlier
  12. mixman
    Don’t care about that. I think many would just like to hear your impressions of the Verite Closed in the thread.
  13. ubs28
    Does anyone know if a high-end cable fixes the muddy bass of the Stellia and the rough treble?

    Focal was so brilliant to change the connectors so that I cannot use my high-end cables from the Focal Utopia’s to test it.
  14. Imusicman
    Sound like a job for EQ lol
  15. gto88
    It sounds that bad?
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