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Focal Stellia Review, Measurements, Interview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Feb 12, 2019.
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  1. musicman59
    I would also look into the WireWorld Nano Platinum cable. OCC Sliver, light weight and very flexible.
  2. teknorob23
    I have tried lavricables, they are well made/ braided bit are pretty stiff, suffer from microphonics and made from pure silver which in my experience is inferior in SQ to OCC silver or OCC Silver and Gold mix. i've made a silver gold up occ, it has pretty much zero microphonics, in 4 core form even with paracord sleeve is the most flexible cable ive owned (diy or shop bought) and the SQ has to be heard with the stellia. If you do ask hifi lounge to make one, push for UPOCC neotech wire. I've experimented with loads of different OCC wire and quality varies massively and nothing competes with neotech. I have also demo'd the wireworld cable and its very nice, really well made, but again quite stiff and IMO doesnt touch the neotech wire for SQ performance.:)
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2019
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  3. up late
    gave the stellia another audition today, along with the hd820 and z1r. the stellia continues to strike the right balance between sound and comfort in a closed-back headphone for me - unfortunately. :wink:
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  4. kmsjazz
    I love this headphone. Before experiencing this headphone, I was a audio-technica's fan, but I changed my mind. I really like stellia.
  5. 329161
    I ultimately went with the 820. The Stellia is very good but I wanted a more warts and all kind of sound. The 820 does soundstage width and imaging better. Instrument tracks seem comparatively mashed together on the Focal. The Stellia also has a kind of shiny roughness or graininess to its sound, in comparison. Treble is a little metallic and unnatural. It could've been slightly lighter and less bulky too. What's up with audiophile headphones having to be all hulking crash helmets? The 820 isn't much better in this regard. The 820 also doubles fabulously as a good studio mixing can.
    Also had a customer return a Stellia to our store because he had concerns with the beryllium. Is this a legit concern?
    It was a toss up but I decided to save some money for the one I prefer. Good to see closed cans getting better in general. I hope it's just the start.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2019
  6. up late
    well it's obviously a legitimate concern for him but not for me. my stellia experience doesn't align with yours, but you're welcome to extol the virtues of your hd820 here as long as it relates to the thread topic of course.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2019
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  7. 166046
    Sorry if I bother your eyes or hurt your feelings, take it condescending (whenever possible) ^_^

    This is my cry of the soul!

    Not about sound - it's close to perfect.
    Not about comfort - it's like they made them "for my head".
    About appearance and selected leather type and especially color i'm going to ask you, sound search colleagues and Focal representatives, if there are any.

    During last month I've been searching and comparing full-size headphones (closed back especially).
    Focal Stellia one of the 3-5 in equal sound quality row obviously in front of most of others due to overall balance and is preferred to purchase, but without taking into account the price.
    Perhaps the only thing that stops a lot of people from buying is the color, tenderness of the skin and its very fast contamination.

    I happened to observe several instances used for some short time and they were all in a terrible unpleasant form already after several weeks of use.
    Headphones for $3,000 coming to a dirty look, a sight not for the faint of heart...
    The lower part of the headband and the adjacent part of the ear cushions all greasy, headphones leather all in the "human skin fat"...

    And what I see on the images, where they are some trying to sell as "lightly used", all the photos are taken so that you can not see all these fat deposits.
    Blurred headbands, darkened ear cushions. Showing only the outer side of cans, which, of course in a safe condition.

    • What are you doing or going to do to SAVE their appearance?
    • How to CLEAN them from visible human fat, paying attention to the insane tenderness of the light leather?
    • Maybe someone already REPAINTED them into a more dark-brown or black with successful result?

    P.S.: What about Focal Designers thought when they were made decision of such a delicate color.
    If only the color only for matching with Gold-Plated Brass Astell&Kern Ultima SP1000 or Sony WM1Z...
    Anyway, IMHO, it is the mistake, they must be in BLACK like Utopia, especially for PORTABLE use ...

    Focal, are you going to sell them in "Black Edition"?
    I'm (one of the) first in queue! ^_^
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2019
  8. doboo57
    I'm torn between Woo Audio WA8 Eclipse and ifi Pro iDSD to feed my Stellia and Clear... :triportsad:
    Two great choices I think, but can anyone help me to determine which one offers the best synergy with my Focal headphones (I'm looking for an analog sound and a realistic timbre).
  9. adcustom
    Woo makes great stuff, but I would highly recommend the Pro iDSD. In my opinion, either that or the Hugo 2 are a perfect pair for Focal headphones.
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  10. teknorob23
    hugo2 is head and shoulders over the ifi and any other dac 2 maybe even 3k. The only way to improve on it is bypass it’s amp stage (which is great but a bit on the dry side) and stick a new school tune amp inbetween it and the focals. My preference is for Feliks audio but auris ha 2se is right up there too. The woo is nice but you’re compromising on the dac front. If it’s one box then hugo2
  11. x RELIC x Contributor
    Can't bypass the 'amp stage' in any Chord DAC with any output so all that's ends up happening is adding the sound of the external amp. Nothing wrong with that if one prefers but technically there is no traditional separate 'amp stage'... FYI.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2019
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  12. arielext
    for the pads: baby wipes if you can trust your baby with it, why not your ears :wink:
    for the headband: using a woolen sleeve to keep all orderly: here
    for repainting:
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  13. AppleheadMay
    It could have been worse, they could have made it pink ...
  14. 166046
    May be evaluated after some time, when the real owners realize the scale of the problem...
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2019
  15. arielext

    Since English is not my native language I might have offended someone without my knowledge or intention, for which I am truly sorry but I need to get this out my system nonetheless. Let's not rewrite history now, shall we?

    - baby wipes are known to be used to keep leather in pristine condition, if that offends you: please use a mild leather conditioner.
    - the knitted cover has been mentioned before; without offence, to protect the original colour of the headband from human grease
    - a repaint of this statement can be frowned upon, although I have to agree that is a matter of taste and should not be ridiculed with, for which I apologise.
    If I have offended you by any means, I really want to apologise.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2019
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