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Focal Stellia Review, Measurements, Interview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Feb 12, 2019.
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  1. TooFrank
    Hi fellow Stellia owners.
    Just to reiterate how happy I am for this investment about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Sound wise very, very nice.
    However today I discovered how frail and delicate the colour of the leather on the headband is. Take a look at the photo below and check the discolouration.
    And no, they have not been in the gym.....But I don’t have much hair left (= bald) and haven’t worn a cap in my armchair.
    Anyway, please bear this in mind if you wish to keep the looks (of the headband upload_2019-6-3_19-18-57.gif )

  2. arielext
  3. adcustom
    Just wanted to chime in and say that my experience with the Stellia and Pro iDSD has been stellar. In particular, I love the sound with solid state stage + Gibbs Transient Optimized filter.
  4. up late
  5. AppleheadMay
    Got a demo Stellia in to compare with my HD820 during the next week with my new system.
    Some phone pics:


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  6. Beagle
    Nice. Looking forward to your opinion and comparison.
  7. koenoe
    Beautiful Luxman stuff. How's that amp and DAC?
  8. AppleheadMay
    Both the DAC and amp are more detailed and extended than whet I had with my Marantz DAC. Their sound is smooth overall, never bright in the highs and there is a bit of warmth in the mids which I like.
    The speaker amp is really powerful, very clear and detailed without being bright, a slight warmth in the mids as well.
    Vocals are amazing with this set but so are rock guitars.
    I just had the whole set complete from half last week so I'm still getting used to it but man it's a big improvement.
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  9. TooFrank
    Thanks, didn’t know such cushions existed:wink: However, I wrote to focal about this and they (local distributor) quickly replied back:

    The colour change on your Stellia headband is quite normal – leather in light colours WILL change when used, just like furniture with light leather colour or car seats. This is a function of the leather being a natural product. And being in contact with human skin will change the colour just like the armrest on a chair.

    That being said I can tell You from several visits to the Bentley factory, that they use baby wipe’s without perfume to keep the leather in their cars as smooth and colourresistant as possible.

    So I have decided, that my Stellia’s are keepers and I will see how the colours evolves over time.
    They sound so sweet....:ksc75smile:
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  10. Spedinfargo
    I like this side-thread. After years of no glasses (Lasik) I unfortunately had to get bifocals recently. Luckily, my Lasik has still left me with kinda-monovision so I don't have to wear glasses at my work desk which is the only place I get to listen to my Elegias (soon-to-hopefully-be Stellias). So this is not a worry for me now, but I will add it to my list of future worries.

    Have you thought of a nice pair of pince nez glasses as a potential workaround? :)
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  11. emrelights1973
    You can always were one of these, put on when you pray or listen to stellia:))

    Good Solution for less than a dollar
  12. dawktah2
    I tried one brand wouldn't stay on. Maybe I'll look into another brand.
  13. TooFrank
    FWIW: Still amazed - these guys are depriving me my sleep - I simply don’t want to take them off. I hear new nuances all the time.....:nerd:
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  14. adcustom
    Yeah, the Stellia is awesome. I think it's my top selling headphone...universally loved.
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  15. TheoS53
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