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Focal Stellia Review, Measurements, Interview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Feb 12, 2019.
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  1. teknorob23
    i am sorry you find my language imprecise and thank you for taking the time to pull me up on it :)
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  2. TheoS53
    No need for apologies, but it is appreciated and respected nonetheless
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  3. JohnYang1997
    Material plays a part of the overall sound. But to say two headphones are similar is mostly the overall structural design of the driver. If you change solely the material, the change in sound won't be as much as you think.
  4. TooFrank
    Just unboxed my new Stellia. Suffice to say for now, I am sitting with a big smile and goosebumps listening to Live At Pompeii with David Gilmour. Stopped for second of thinking why I was “lured” into spending so much on a pair of headphones.....:ksc75smile:
  5. BiggieBig
    Happy listening time and they will improve
  6. dawktah2
    Hello all, joining thread since I'm interested in another closed back headphone. Currently have cans in my signature. Are any owners using them in a noisy environment like on board flight? This is my primary interest.
  7. teknorob23
    I have used them a few times in flight. I listen at low to moderate volumes (red on a hugo2) and i'd say they're okay 6/10, but not as good as well sealed IEMs or hard shelled closed backs that i've used before. Obvs if you're listening at higher volumes they'll be fine for you at least :wink:
  8. TooFrank
    Have any of you auditioned the Focal Arche DAC/AMP?
  9. Joseph Lin
    For noise blocking, I think nothing beats Sony wh1000xm3, just for your reference.
  10. TooFrank
    I completely agree. And they are easy to carry around.
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  11. BiggieBig
  12. BiggieBig
    Note never use the cheap adaptor as I posted above ruined the sound signature.

    Had to go back to SE cable back to enjoying the music and looking for a decent after market balanced cable.

    So far my only criticism is the cables provided are next to useless. And the headphones have a fair amount of micro sonics if you take these for an out door walk.

    But then I guess these aren’t headphones you want to take out often. I’m just waiting for my IEMs so forced to take these atm.
  13. GreenBow
    Do the Stellia make ears warm, being closed backed?

    Is there also any noise from them being closed backed when there is no music on? Probably not, because I think someone would have mentioned it. I have some very cheap, on ear closed back headphones. When there is no music playing, it sounds a bit like being underwater.
  14. teknorob23
    I’ve had mine for 3 months and initially I noticed getting hot ears which was my only complaint, but when someone mentioned this in a post a couple of weeks ago I realised I hadn’t thought about it again. So for me it’s not been a long term issue and I am fairly sensitive to this. Oh and I can confirm there’s no issue with noise when they’re switched off :)
  15. GreenBow
    Thank you.

    I remembered one other question I forgot to ask. I read about Focals clipping in the bass when driven louder. I googled and read more. I think it's actually aimed to make people not play so loud, and damage their hearing. Does the Stellia have this?

    I ask because when googling, I thought sometimes that people were suggesting it came in too soon. Someone in this thread I think said it's why they sold his Utopias. Or they were selling their Utopias and the bass noise clipping was driving them nuts by the end.

    Anyway sorry to ask.
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