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Focal Stellia Review, Measurements, Interview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Feb 12, 2019.
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  1. arielext
    The Elegia has made quite an impression on me. I'm eyeballing the Stellia though every fiber in my brain says 3k for a pair of headphones is madness.
    I had this feeling once before: Fostex TH610 made me buy the TH900sb, best headphone purchase I ever did.
    Will this be the same for Stellia? Is the €2300 bump even coming close to being worth it. The Elegia already impresses me quite a bit.
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  2. bobeau
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2019
  3. guitardave
    if you are happy with the elegia get it and be happy. Do not listen to the Stellia. For me as a utopia owner i found it harsh and returned it. The stellia is quite a different level. But if i had not heard and owned utopia who knows? I might be happy with elegia, but I don’t think so. Just too harsh for me!
  4. Wooglish
    Quick update: another day with Stellia and the Sony 1Z w/ Kimber Kable and I am loving it! I also have Utopia, which I consider my reference with my zh1es, but the Stellia and the 1Z/Kimber give such a warm, relaxed signature that they are wonderful for around the house, everyday listening. The Stellia feel a lot more comfortable and wearable than the Utopia as well. I would feel much better if the Stellia were in the $2k range, though...the packaging and stock cables are basically sitting, 0 value add for me...
  5. emrelights1973
    İ pull the triger on Stellia, i have a very delayed order on mdr z1r but they will take another month to come, stellia will arrive NeXT week

    So i will ended with 2 closed back and th900 as well, they are always a legend

    Stellia looks very good and i like the accesories as well:) this time i will not İnvest on a third Party cable as well

    İt is a lots of money but i can spare it without family going hungry:)

  6. emrelights1973
    Which cable is that? İs there only one? 4.4mm? İ have z1 so a short kimber would be nice, are you using the Stock cable of z1r? Are you still able to the cable for z1r after the modification?

    Too many questions sorry and thanks
  7. AmusedToD
    All things aside (the packaging, the looks, the leather, the hype and all), which one do you prefer for sound quality and comfort: the Stellia or the Z1R?
  8. tekkster
    There's this one thing I'm waiting for with the Stellia, that, to date, only the T1 has done for me.

    When I listen to the Utopia, HD800, or any other high end headphone in my collection, it doesn't happen. The interpretation of sound for these other headphones do change slightly over time as my brain adjusts, but the main characteristics stay rather prominent, unchanged. The T1's changes are unique and I don't know why as even on the T1, it's rather elusive, inconsistent.

    Hoping the Stellia does it for me.

    On long listening sessions, where I'm almost falling asleep, my brain adjusts to the T1 sound somehow in a way that's hard to describe. But at some point several hours in, my brain suddenly starts interpreting a "sense" of depth and distance that's rather lifelike, specifically around classical orchestral music. My brain doesn't do it all the time, and only does it with the T1.

    So far, the Stellia hasn't done that for me, but I haven't put 4+ hours straight on the Stellias yet.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2019
  9. up late
    it will be the making of them :wink:
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  10. up late
    "open your mind"
  11. doboo57
    Anyone had the chance to compare the Stellia with the ZMF Eikon?

    I own the Eikon and the Elegia and (maybe) thinking selling both to get the quite pricey Stellia...

    I really like the mids of the Eikon (especially for vocals). They bring the fullness and the emotion / human touch which is missing a bit on the Elegia to my ears. For instrumental music (and especially jazz), I prefer the Elegia over the Eikon though.

    I hope the Stellia could be the perfect match I'm looking for (the Elegia's evenness and detailed sound, but with the body and realism of the Eikon in the mids)...
  12. Wooglish
    I would probably say Stellia at this moment, but I have now been listening to them constantly rather than A/B testing with the Z1R. Let's just say I would definitely put Stellia, Utopia and Z1R in the same class and the ranking would be close, with Utopia as a clear 1 and then Z1R and Stellia vying for 2/3. If I add my R10s in the mix, they take #1 and everything shifts down accordingly :o2smile:
  13. Wooglish
    I am using the Sony MUC-B20SB1 Kimber-made cable, not the stock. It is 4.4mm balanced, which is perfect for the Z1, but 2m long, which makes it a little awkward to walk around with, I don't think Sony makes a 1m version, which is too bad. The only thing the mod does is pop off the screw on connectors, I have 3 different cables for my Z1R and rarely screw the connectors down anyway when I change cables, the 3.5mm plugs seem to connect pretty tightly by themselves. It is easy to put the screw down connectors & retaining clips back on, but I would think there would be some wear and tear on the clips doing this a lot. Considering you can get the MUC-B20SB1 for around $300, it is an absolutely screaming bargain vs. buying custom cables (many of which are not as good as Kimber). I am thinking about buying a second cable and permanently shortening to 1m.
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  14. guitardave
    I don't own and haven't heard the R10's, but do own the other three, and I would say Utopia is clearly #1, and Stellia slightly edges out Z1r for #2. But the Z1r is no slouch. I just prefer the increased presence offered by the Stellia. I feel the z1r has a slight scoop in this region. Or maybe Stellia has a bump in this region?? either way, I like it!
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  15. emrelights1973
    Makes Me happy that i am not the only maniac that bought Utopia, Stellia and z1r:) and maybe some more

    My wife says i am
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