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Focal Stellia Review, Measurements, Interview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Feb 12, 2019.
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  1. teqshea
    Just contact your credit card company and have them reverse the charge......
  2. Acemcl
    We are all set, thanks for the help everyone. He was able to cancel his order and subsequently order from Moon audio
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  3. musicday
    I am glad every time I read a story with a happy ending.
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  4. me2621a
    My Stellia just arrived. All I have to say is wow. Packaging is great, aesthetics are awesome, and much better than in pictures as everyone has said. Sounds similar to a Utopia with a bit more bass weight, and a little more sweet tone. Mind you this is with the stock cable and not giving them more then 3 hours of break in. All I have to say is I really like them, my cable should come next week but they will be the perfect complement to my Utopias, I suggest anyone who is thinking Utopia, give these a listen, I already own a pair but I would have bought these instead if they were both available and the Utopia was $1k more. At the same price would probably still choose these as closed backs are more versatile, if performance is the the ultimate objective it still goes to the Utopia but man they did a great job with these. Super impressed.
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  5. noplsestar
  6. Acemcl
    The one bit I find interesting re both the utopias and what I’m reading about the stellia is the impact of the source. I listen to utopia’s through the Sony WM1-Z and the TA-ZH 1ES and I have never found the sound to be thin or the bass to be lacking. Will be interesting to see how the stellia pairs with the warm 1Z
  7. Deftone
    I see the initial colour shock has worn off and now people are really starting to take to it in sound and looks.
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  8. Deftone
    Im looking forward to going to Hifonix soon to have a listen and compare the whole high end Focal range including the new Stellia and also hearing the DAVE again.
  9. up late
    i've listened to the utopia connected to a number of different sources and it has never sounded thin or lacking in bass to me. the stellia didn't fit that description either based on my audition of it.
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  10. up late
  11. Acemcl
  12. wje
    A little confusion on behalf of the writer? "The Stellia sports the same drivers as the Elegia, and it employs the same M-shaped Beryllium dome (full-range speaker driver) that Focal fans have become accustomed to."
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  13. teknorob23
    that and his fondness for Beyer/ifi combo!! :wink:
  14. atahanuz
    I finally had a chance to demo Elegia and Stellia, of course with a high end source gear. Comfort and isolation wise they are identifical.

    They both sound very good, Stellia is better as excepted but the difference is very small for the $900-3000 price margin. I know that sonic performance doesn't scale linearly with price but still, I can't justify the $2100 or 233% price difference. Buying Elegia is a smarter choice unless money is no object.

    What do you think ?
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  15. jude Administrator
    I see what the reviewer is getting at, but here's a clarification: Not including dome material, the Elegia and Stellia drivers are nearly identical. I believe both use the same magnet structure (which is different from the open-back models), and the same stiffer surrounds with shorter Xmax (versus the open-back models).

    The Stellia has the same beryllium dome as the Utopia -- they're the only two Focal models with beryllium domes. The Elegia uses an alumimum/magnesium dome.

    (If I've made a mistake, @FocalOfficial, please post with the correct information.)

    I think the sonic difference between the two is substantial -- far greater than very small -- and I have a strong preference for the Stellia's signature.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
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