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Focal Sphear earphones

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  1. doraymon
  2. kimvictor
    So here is a short impression:
    Sphears are a slight V shaped(or perhaps even a slight w shaped) IEM with ample detail and wide soundstage.
    -Wide and natural soundstage
    -Ample details(I won't call the sphears extremely detailed, but for $99, these are pretty well detailed)
    -Good balance of forwardness and distance
    -Good clarity throughout the frequency
    -Good comfort
    -Good bass extension, sub bass impact
    -Audible peak in lower-upper frequency. Amplifies sibilance is certain recordings(and to clarify, as some reviewers claimed compression made things worst, all of my recordings are non-compressed, with majority being 24bit masters).
    -Lack of upper treble extension. While not as bad as Shure IEMs, I suspect a rather early roll off around 14-15k.
    -Recessed upper mids(specifically in the female vocal range)
    -Lack of isolation
    Do you guys generally agree?
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  3. MementoMori99
    For those who own Focal Sphear's and consider it to have a "favorable" sound signature, how does it compare with the B&O H3 2nd Gen. and RBH EP3?  Thank you.
  4. Tommy C
    Seems like there is a revised version now; Focal Sphear S.
    impressions anyone?
  5. Synapse77
    My Focal Sphear S's are arriving today. I will compare them to my 1st gen Sphear's and update. Mind you it will a novice's post !
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  6. Tommy C
    Awesome! Any impression will be nice really.
  7. Synapse77
    Ok, well the Sphear S's sound a bit sibilant, but the bass "may" be a little tighter, when compared to 1 year old well broken in 1st gen Sphear's on crude A/B testing. There are no identifying product marks other than a lower serial # (or other specific manufacturer info) differentiating the S from the 1st gen. So far I am not impressed. I am listening through a Sony NWZ-X2 DAP slightly EQ'ed, so my source is OK I believe. I will update as these IEM's break in a bit. I would hold off on buying these if you expect them to have an initial wow factor over the 1st gen Sphear. Earbud shape and form exactly the same as gen 1. I have not really compared sound isolation as of yet because it's not a big issue for me with my current set up. I usually listen in quiet space anyway except if in a car then it all changes. YMMV, please post, no offence taken. BTW my avatar picture is not me although I consider myself a fairly good looking male! This pic is just of a fine hottie I couldn't resist, considering my profession. :)
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  8. Tommy C
    Thanks for posting this. Very helpful.
  9. Hatmann
    Update, please!
  10. Synapse77
    The Focal Sphear S is my most energetic AND enjoyable IEM. Taking the place of much more expensive ones. You can't go wrong for the price here.
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  11. Hatmann
    How are they compared to the original Sphear?
  12. jamor
    I saw a reviewer on another site talking about how sibilant these are. Two independent users stating these are sibilant now I will stay far away.

    The white ones are beautiful; though, it appears they never produced any. What a tease.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2018
  13. zalitis
    Did someone find/buy some cheap replacement eartips for sphear s ?
  14. wiresandcables
    I recently purchased a pair of these and have been trying to get the best fit. Purchased both the Comply 160 S/M/L the pack and the Sony EP-EX11L.M.S that can be found on eBay. My opinions on what I've tried follow. The stock Focal foam, if it doesn't fit your ear may work is way out of you are between sizes. The Comply are much more compressible and expand slower. Both provide good sound isolation and quite a bit of lower end compared to the stock Focal silicone tips. Better sounding across the rest of the spectrum, plenty of low end though. Focal stock silicone are thinner than Sony hybrid, least sound isolation and my least favorite as they seem to provide a much less even response across the spectrum. Maybe a little too airy and wandering for my taste. Sony hybrids win for me on comfort and provide adequate sound isolation and even things up a little, although not as well as the Comply, without the level of low end of Comply.

    ****They don't match up size for size****
    Comply L = Sony L
    Comply M, S very slightly smaller than Focal M, S
    Sony L < Focal, Sony M = Focal M, Sony S > Focal (the Sony sizes are closer to each other)

    For size comparison (decrease L to R):
    Top row: Focal L, Comply L
    Middle row: Focal M, Comply M, Focal S, Comply S
    Bottom row:Focal L, Sony L, Focal M, Sony M
    263AC60D-0189-46E1-997D-A1C5BB1F1998.jpeg 1B280A59-92FB-4093-981C-FDE2B596D9EE.jpeg
  15. Mohan Ovation
    Hello friends!

    I am a music producer. I occasionally mix my music too.
    I have Focal CMS 65 NF Monitors at my studio and Shure SRH940 for referencing.
    I also use Sound magic e80c for general listening and referencing on the go. They are really nice and great value.
    Recently, I decided to upgrade my IEMs. Researched and ordered 1more triple drivers.
    Here in India we rarely get the opportunity to demo gear.
    After using it for a week, somehow i am not liking the overall frequency balance and the fit.
    I also checked my friends' FIIO F9 pros, which i found a bit sibilant for my taste, though they sounded fabulous otherwise.
    After reading some rave reviews, i am leaning towards Focal SPHEAR IEM.

    My question is, has anyone compared 1more TD with Sphear head to head?
    My preferences are :
    - Neutrality (signature should be close to the source)
    - Detailing & Transparency
    - Balanced freq Spectrum
    - Imaging
    Any insights will be highly appreciated..

    Thanks in advance! :)

    Last edited: Dec 24, 2018
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