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Focal headphone original case (for Utopia, Elear)

Trader History (1)
  1. racebit
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
    Original Focal case for Utopia, Elear, Clear and Elegia headphones.

    Absolutely brand new, never used. Came with my Clear Headphones, but I don't use carrying case.

    12 Euros shipping to all Europe.
    19 Euros shipping to rest of the world.



  2. The Correlation
    I would honestly suggest keeping it as the loss in value from selling a Clear without its case is probably the same, if not more, than your sale price.
  3. racebit
    It is very unlikely I will sell the Clear, I never sold any headphone, but even if I do, the depreciation will be mostly from use. Headphones, and the Clear in particular, are prone to show clearly marks of use. Although some people want the case, many do not.
    But you see I want to upgrade my Mojo to another Chord DAC, and those are very expensive, every bit can help. I am looking around the house checking all things that I don't want/use, and that can be sold... :)
    The Clear balanced cable was already sold today, the other two I am keeping because I use them.
    The Correlation likes this.
  4. The Correlation
    Ah right, fair point. Sorry, I'm so used to buying/selling that I've never though "hmm I'll sell this accessory since I'm keeping this". Congrats on finding the endgame :) and good luck with selling the case too!
  5. racebit
    Price reduced
  6. racebit
  7. racebit
  8. racebit
    Final price reduction. If does not sell, will keep it.

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