Focal Elex Pairing
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Dec 11, 2013
Hey everyone, hope you're all having a safe, fun Thanksgiving. So the Elex has dropped (no pun intended) to $550 for black Friday so I want to pick a set up. I'm currently running a Bifrost 2 and an Asgard 3 (I'm meh towards balanced any more) which given the organic sound and extra space the BF gives me along with the decent power from the Asgard I think I should be in a nice place. My question to everyone is this then;

Should I get a tube for the Elex as well?

As much as I've read on them nobody seams to try them with tubes. The one I had in mind was the Valhalla 2 (just to stick with the Schiit look. I know Schiit's not the BEST but I enjoy them and like the looks). What i enjoy the most in listening is a wide soundstage with a good balance of smoothness and detail so if anyone has experience with this pairing the input would be very appreciated. Any other tube amp suggestions (~$500) would also be welcome. Thanks!

Final note, feel free to post pics of your setup!
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i have the Elex and a ZDT Jr. tube amp - they pair well with a nice rich musical sound however, i prefer them on my smsl sp200 as it has cleaner, deeper bass
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I bought a Schiit Lyr 3 recently, and feel that my Sennheiser HD-650's benefited more than my Elex did from it. I bought the Bifrost 2 to go along with the Lyr 3, (even more recently), and am surprised at how good the HD-650's now sound for music.

With the old setup, [DacMagic+ with the Magni 3 amp], I mostly used the 650's for TV/news, (to me, they are way more comfortable than the Elex, but the Elex sounded better for music ... but not anymore, based upon the short time I've had the new setup).

BTW, the Elex sound excellent with the Lyr 3, (and an improvement), it's just the improvement to the HD-650's seems more substantial.


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I know that I am late to the party, but I love my Liquid Platinum (hybrid) tube amp with my Elex's. They come with a balanced cable which is where the LP really sings. I love my amp which cost me $600.00 several months ago. Now it is $399.00.

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