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Focal Elegia - what do you think?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Hoegaardener70, Sep 29, 2018.
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  1. adcustom
    Nice bro, been wanting to try those pads.
  2. Mr H
    those don't change the sound signature (besides the bass)?
    also they come with the ring to replace them directly? or you had to use some double tape
  3. arielext
    They have a ring. But imo they did change the sound signature quite a bit. It's even worse with the more expensive sibling, the Stellia.
  4. Mr H
    ugh I haven't had any luck so far replacing pad (well yes with the he400 when they came up with the newer ones)
    I'll just use the original pads
  5. Bergamot
    The sound signature is saved. Don't worry, but the bass gets bigger and it's better articulated.
    Sure, double tape is not needed. :)
  6. Mr H
    hmm I'm tempted to try
  7. ev666il
    Hello, everyone.

    I'm finally about to pull the trigger on a new pair of cans to upgrade from my HD650.

    I was 99% set on the Aeon Flow Closed, which I'll audition this Saturday at a local store, until I read about the Elegia. Unfortunately the Elegia won't be available for demoing (I'll be listening to the AFC and the Beyerdynamic T1, the latter upon the store owner's suggestion) but after reading this thread I'm almost tempted to go for a blind buy.

    I mostly listen to metal music (with a preference for metalcore and melodic death metal), although I occasionally listen to individual artists that play other genres (e.g. David Gilmour, Gerry Rafferty, Eric Clapton, and others.) I also use the cans for Netflix and the occasional video game. My audio chain is: Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD -> Magni 2 Uber -> Cans.

    Is the Magni 2 Uber adequate for the Elegia? Do you think the Elegia would be better for metal music than the AFC?

    I reckon both cans are pretty fast (a must for metal music and the opposite of the HD650) and neutral in timber (which is something I'm seeking.)
  8. ShredderCO
  9. ShredderCO
    Metal is not my main musical preference, but I listen to a fair amount of it (Prog mostly). I won the Elegia and think it is great for metal. I listened to the Flow at the same time I first heard the Elegia. The Flows are nice, but a bit tame by comparison. The punch of the Focal goes better with metal imho.
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  10. bidn
    Hi ev666il ,

    I own both,
    and I listen to many metal genres ( not much metalcore but a lot of melodic death).

    I too find both fast and neutral.
    For me no hesitation: I definitively prefer the Elegia over the AFC for metal. I experience metal as aggressive and very fast complex music involving the full frequency spectrum. With their dynamics and speed, the Elegia excel at metal (like all Focal TOTL, with the Utopia at the top). In comparison the AFC feel very restrained in dynamics and metal is boring with them for me.

    I put once some detailed comparisons of both here, check it out:

    Re. amplification, the Elegia requires very little and was even designed to be driven by a smartphone. I don't know at which volume level you listen, you might even not need an amp at all if you listen at low volume level to loud music like metal. I keep and use my Elegia at work, driving it with a AK DAP or with my smartphone :)

    All the best,
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2019
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  11. ev666il
    Thank you, bidn and ShredderCO.

    I'll make up my mind after this Saturday's audition of the AFC and T1, but I'll likely go for an Elegia blind-buy.

    Has anybody tried the Elegia with a Schiit Jotunheim in the balanced DAC version? Would that be a worthy upgrade from the X-Fi THD + Magni 2 Uber for these cans?
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  12. teknorob23
    Basically i agree @bidn 's assessment 100%, but for what its worth, from my experience i wasnt immediately impressed by the Elegia and in fact would have discounted from my shortlist for home demo if wasnt for my regular shop encouraging me to give them a proper go. They're not an instant wow HP, but cutting long and repeated story short, after a day at home with AHD7200, mr s ether c closed and ZMF Eikon and the eleiga my mind was conclusively made up and i bought the Elegia. Tonally their spot on and presentation-wise they're coherrant and even handed across the range, with fantastic dynamism and pace. I dont listen to much metal, but i do like a lot of indie/alt rock guitar music like sonic youth, my bloody valentine, queens of the stoneage etc, where the Elegia are stunning. Guitars have a real viceral crunch, drums and bass power along. The only HP that beats this is the Stellia, but i some ways even then i prefer the Elegia's tone.

    They do scale well and although easily run they improve considerably with DAC and amp upgrades.

    Anyway i think my point was the Elegia are a real grower and one of my favourite HP at any price, that i could quite easily have missed out on. Look forward to hearing what you think :)rob
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  13. Mr H
    what I dontd like about the elegia is the soundstage. it's the smallest I've heard so far in a pair of headphones
  14. ev666il
    Narrower than the AFC?
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  15. bidn
    Don't worry, ev666il,
    while the AFC definitely sound closed, the Elegia have a much larger soundstage, feeling for me more like open headphones ( though lacking some air with extreme metal, but this is the case with all closed headphones I owned or tried).

    Have a nice weekend,
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