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Focal Elegia - what do you think?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Hoegaardener70, Sep 29, 2018.
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  1. Beagle
    Is that what they used to call in hi-fi terms "ruthlessly revealing"?
  2. Jthompson300

    Good news is that World Wide Stereo is going to refund them once I send them back so nothing really lost.

    It is definitely the material and seal of the Elegia as you noted that creates the bass, probably why the pads are almost double the length and density of the Utopias. I have to admit that it is a design flaw for sure in my opinion, the headphones without the original pads are absolutely useless.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
  3. Soundwave76
    Hard to say. I am curious myself as well to what causes a sense of pressure in an ear, when simply wearing the headphone? When I brought the pair back to the store and the owner listened them, he found out the flaw immediatelly.
  4. raphaelchan
    Its been more than 2 weeks. As much as I like T5p v2, have to say Elegia is a slightly better upgrade. Vocal on T5p v2 is a little veiled. The male vocal sounds a bit muffled, not much, I won't notice it if I don't listen to the same track side by side. And the Elegia's bass finally blossom to the level that I am satisfied with. T5p v2 is more forgiving on harsher recording and most satisfying when you crave for more seductive and mellow mid and still better in the bass impact (for instances you knew the drummer was hitting the drum not just tapping the drum) But Elegia's transparency, details and the ability to separate different instruments, vocals and put them in nice fix spots at a good soundstage push it up one level for me over the T5p v2. but this is just my personal preferences. my music is pop, small acoustic band, I am a Christian so I listen to worship music with small band. They are from Tidal stream HIFI. Nothing is master level recording. I will still keep the T5P around till I get the chance to try the alpha pads on them. I used Jot (ak4490 DAC) balanced out to both Elegia and T5p v2. The only thing T5p wins hand down is the comfort. I could fall sleep listening to them. Elegia may still be considered comfortable but the clamping force set them back a few notches.

    To be honest since the Audeze LCD-2 Closed fans and Elegia fans are all so passionate about their cans, i am really tempted to sell the T5p for Audeze LCD-2 Closed lol.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018
  5. Jthompson300
    If you like the details in the Elegia and are thinking about another closed back from Audeze you should check out the XC too, I don’t know the price of the LCD-2C but I am guessing it’s as much as the LCD-2 and if that’s the case the XC are only $400 more if you skip the case if they still offer them that way.
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  6. Preachy1
    Used XCs can frequently be had for around $900, give or take.
  7. halcyon
    Thank you for your observations.

    The end result is not just a function of the pads, but also the open (Elear, Clear, Utopia) vs closed (Elegia) design of the headphones.

    With an open headphone, you cannot just seal the headphones more tightly with pads, because the sound will leak from the open back.

    With closed headphones the pads have much higher impact on the headphones acoustic resistance (of the leak). Thus the overall impedance also changes, just by changing the pads [Physical characteristics of headphones used in psychophysical experiments, Tatsuya Hirahara, Acoust. Sci. & Tech. 25, 4 (2004)].
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2018
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  8. Tsukuyomi
    Has anyone tried the elegia on a dual shock 4 controller for ps4? Im curious if the controller could power them for movie watching. :)
  9. Doctordoom16
    I've had the elegia for 10 days now. When I first listen to them I felt that they were harsh, metallic soundits, lacking bass impact, and very unpleasant. I am comaricomthem to my akg k872 .
    But with around 30 hours on them they are completely changed. I do not believe in burn in but rather we get used to the sound. This is the first pair of headphones that I can say they changed for the better w burnin .to the point that I now prefer them to my akg k872 .
    I do however feel the leakage out is high .my wife complaint that they sound so loud .
    Has anyone tried the dekoni leather pads? Do they improve isolation? And if so do they change the bass any?
    As of now I'm so happy w the elegia sound .to the point I may sell the akg k872. I thought the k872 we're my true love but now I'm torn
    Also I replaced the horrendous elegia stock cable w a cheap $20 Amazon cable. Sounds same to me but so much more manageable as they are thin and light .
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  10. ctaxxxx
    I can try when I get home, but that method sounds really underwhelming. I use an 8ft cable to my DAC/AMP for mine.

    Otherwise, if you have a aptX LL PS4 bluetooth dongle (this or this), you can buy a Bluetooth receiver (like the BTR3) and use them that way as well.
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  11. Beagle
    Isn't this a closed back headphone? And if it is the pads that are keeping the bass in, why is there so much leakage?
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  12. Doctordoom16
    Yes they are closed . The pads are a alacantra/ sueade like material so not leather. Plus the focal logo on cup is actually a vented port .Not sure if the leakage can be contained even if pads we're leather .
  13. Beagle
    I can see than in the pics. Never noticed it before. So it's not really a closed headphone. So wtf?
  14. Doctordoom16
    I'd say they are not a true closed headphone. I don't understand that some are saying they have minimal leakage. I do play my music a bit loud but even when i lower it they leak. My AKG K872 leak too but less. My ultrasone sig pro are almost dead silent as far as leakage an dthey have small pads and ear cups. I would have thought the elegia would have done a better job. I still love them but now do not sit next to people on the train with them on as they annoy people so I stand in the vestibule on the train away from people. I wear them outside on the street and love them. when music starts it does block out outside noise but inside the leakage is just not great.
  15. Beagle
    When you already have three models that are open, why design an open 'closed' headphone (advertised as closed), Focal?
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